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International Summers: Arrivederci Italia, we're coming home!

International Summers: Arrivederci Italia, we're coming home!

Buona sera, parents and guardians!

In Florence we continued  our journey to discover the best of Tuscan culture. We started out last week with a trip to Pisa, about an hour from Florence on the high-speed train. Students were successfully able to stop the leaning tower from falling, marvelled at the Pisa Cathedral and enjoyed a lovely garden lunch. A number of students opted to stay back and complete essays and ISPs. 

July 25

After morning classes, we once again headed out for the experience of a lifetime.  Met by our guide Valerie, an art historian, we got an educational and interactive tour of the world’s greatest works of art in the Uffizi marvelling at works by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio, and many more. We then moved on the L’Accademia to view the iconic statue of David.  Sculpted by Michelangelo at the age of 26 and established him as one of the greatest artists that ever lived. We had a late dinner in a restaurant housed within a palazzo where Napolean’s sister Pauline lived with her husband Camillo Borghese while Napolean was King of Italy.

July 25


After English 11, English 12, Classical Civilisations 12, Studies in Literature 12 had their exams, the grade 11 Photography class exhibited their photography portfolios, students were given free time to enjoy (for many of them) their last day in Florence.   

Today saw the popular Venice excursion. It was an early morning start after an evening of celebration, but everyone who had planned to go made it! We were met at the train station in Venice by our guides, took a vaporetta into the centre and heard all about the history of Venice on a walking tour of the town, ending up at St Mark’s Basilica. Students were then given free time to wander about, shop, and explore the maze of ancient streets and canals.  

Pictures will be posted on our Instagram site.  

Upon returning to Florence we had our one last celebratory dinner where we agreed that the time had gone much too fast. 

Thank you!

And to that I add a big thank you from Blyth Academy, Georgia Hardy Tours, and us, the 4 very hard-working teachers and myself for lending us your wonderful children for this amazing journey we have all been on together. It has been a privilege to spend this time with your children. We have loved getting to know them and have had so much fun with them. They, in turn, have been terrific travellers. They managed to room together with others who were at one time strangers to them, and now fast friends! They have worked hard on their courses, and followed the code of conduct for which we are grateful, and I believe this has been a transformative month for them all. 

Best regards and ciao,

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