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Online Tuition & Fees

Domestic Students

Our fee structure varies for students in our full-time & part-time programs. Full-time programs include both our full-year and term-by-term study options at Blyth Academy Orbit and Blyth Academy Online. Part-time programs with Blyth Academy Orbit include our virtual summer school, night school, and private courses. For Blyth Academy Online, part-time study refers to students taking one or more courses with Blyth Academy Online, while maintaining active status at their home school.

International Students
If you are not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you will be considered an International Student. Please note that the admissions process for international students differs slightly due to study visa requirements.

International Tuition & Fees 

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Apply Early and Secure Your Spot (Blyth Academy Orbit only)

New families: please contact the admissions department. Returning families: please contact your campus principal.
Instalment plans and other payment options available. Get in touch with Admissions to learn more.

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Tuition & Fees

Blyth Academy Online

Students who apply for Blyth Academy Online as their home school (the school at which they take the majority of their courses, and which holds their Ontario Student Record, or OSR) are considered full-time students at Blyth Academy Online. It is not required to apply for all eight (8) courses to meet this qualification, we do offer package pricing when all courses are purchased at the same time.

Single Credit


Domestic Students

Grade 9 Courses     


Grade 10 Civics or Grade 10 Careers Studies


Grade 10 Civics and Careers Bundle


Grade 10-12 Courses

Repeat Courses $495*


Full-Year Course Packs (8)

Domestic Students

Grade 9 Full-Year Course Pack (8)

Grade 10-12 Full-Year Course Pack (8) $3,960*

*Additional Fees When Applicable

Additional exam fee for all courses with final exams $30
OSR Administration $250
PLAR $200
OSSLT $200
Post-Grad OUAC Admin $150
One Year Extension $175
Transcript $25
Course Transfer $150
Document Courier (Domestic) $25
Document Courier (International) $100


  • Course fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.
  • Blyth Academy Online promotional offers cannot be used in conjunction with one another.

  • Monthly Financing Available via Paybright for Blyth Academy Online.

Note: Terms and Conditions apply. 

Blyth Academy Orbit

Full-Time Program

Tuition & Fees (all grades)

2022 - 23 2023 - 24
Regular Priced Tuition $20,325 $20,325
Term by Term - Dual Courses     $6,800 $6,940
Term by Term - Single Course $3,400 $3,470
One-Time Application Fee - Full-Time (new students) $1,250 $1,250
One-Time Application Fee - Term by Term (new students) $750 $750

The 2023 - 24 tuition deadline is May 31, 2023. Unless tuition is paid by the set deadline, you may incur a $1,000 late fee. To avoid the late fee, you may choose to select our Instalment Plan Option outlined below. Please note that should you go with this option you will be required to pay the Advanced Tuition Deposit of $2,000. 

Instalment Plan Option (2023 - 24)
Advanced Tuition Deposit $2,000.00 Required for Instalment options
Instalment Plan $1,995.10 x 10 10 Equal Payments; June 15 - March 15
Retroactive payments, if required
Total Tuition $21,951  

To enrol in the instalment plan you must both pay the application fee (if applicable) and advanced tuition deposit. 

Scholarships (Blyth Academy Orbit only)

Our scholarship program aims to both celebrate and reward student academic achievement and commitment to school life, as well as make the Blyth Academy experience accessible to students who require financial assistance for their education.

See Available Scholarships

Part-Time Programs

There are no application fees for part-time programs, and fees listed are per course. 


2022 - 23 2023 - 24
Virtual Night School



Virtual Summer School


Night/Summer School Late Fee* $200 $200
Virtual Private Courses $7,300 $7,300
Virtual Semi-Private (2 students)


Virtual Semi-Private (3 students) $5,300


*Students that enrol for Night or Summer school within 3 days of the start date will be subject to a late registration fee.

Notes and Disclaimers

  • A domestic student is defined as a student who is either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

  • All Tuition & Fees listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

  • Orbit: Full-year students may enroll in part-time programs at an additional fee.

  • Orbit: Full-year students are not permitted to substitute full-time courses for part-time courses.

  • To enrol in the instalment plan you must both pay the application fee (if applicable) and advanced tuition deposit.

Other information you may find useful:

Terms & Conditions


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