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Should You Take Grade 12 English in Summer School | Blyth Academy

Should You Take Grade 12 English in Summer School | Blyth Academy

As we get closer and closer to the warm summer months, you’re not alone if you’re asking yourself, “Should I take grade 12 English in summer school?” Taking summer school courses offers a range of benefits. If you’re behind on courses you need to graduate, you can take classes over the summer to make up for lost time and get yourself back on track for graduation. Summer school is also a great way to improve underwhelming school grades and better position yourself for acceptance into your top-choice higher education institutions.

ENG4U Grade 12 English is available to take this summer with Blyth Academy. This grade 12 English course prepares you for university, college, or the workplace by teaching the skills to analyze, interpret, and evaluate texts while using academic language and developing your writing. The following sections will break down the major arguments about whether or not you should take ENG4U Grade 12 English over the summer, so you can make the best choice for your educational goals.

Smaller Class Size and Personalized Approach

If you think taking a class in a personalized environment would help you learn, summer school classes may be right for you. Summer school classes are typically smaller than classes you would attend during the standard school year. As a result, instructors can take a personalized approach to their teaching, helping you learn in a way that suits your needs and learning style.

Because the instructor’s attention is less diluted amongst peers, you can expect more focus on you. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with regular classes because the teaching style just doesn’t mesh with what you need, opting to take a class in the smaller, more personalized setting summer school offers can make a huge difference.

Condensed Schedule

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could approach a given class more like a sprint than a marathon? Summer school allows you to do so.

A summer school course covers the same material as a standard course, but it condenses the schedule. That allows you to get it all done in a shorter amount of time. You will learn about the same topics and gain the same skills as you would in a course given over a traditional, longer schedule, but you’ll free yourself for other activities as you’ll complete the course in a much shorter time frame.

Available Online or Virtually

Blyth Academy offers ENG4U online and in virtual summer school. Online and virtual summer school options are both very flexible and can accommodate coursework taken from various geographic regions, which means you can travel during the summer while still attending school.

So, what is the difference between online and virtual summer school programs? Online courses are on-demand, so you can work through the class whenever it best fits your schedule — day school, night school, it’s up to you. Virtual summer school, on the other hand, takes place on set days and times. The virtual option functions a lot like an in-person class you might be used to, but you can take it from anywhere. With both options available via Blyth Academy, it’s easier than ever to find an ENG4U option that fits in with your needs and goals.

Myth: Universities Don’t Like Summer School

A common myth exists that Universities are less likely to accept applications from students who have summer school in their records. That is not necessarily the case. Universities don’t penalize applicants for taking summer school courses, and many students do complete a required course over the summer.

Opportunity Cost of Summer School

Though universities may not penalize you for having a summer school course on your records, committing to required coursework over the summer can affect your application in other ways. Summer school may pull your time and attention away from other opportunities, such as volunteering, working, or other real-world experiences, that may look more favourable on your resume. Going with an online or virtual summer school option may allow you to fulfill some of these other important tasks, thanks to the flexibility these formats allow.

If you are looking to advance your education, an online or virtual summer school program can give you the flexibility to learn on your own terms while still gaining the knowledge and experience of grade 12 English. Learn more about Blyth Academy’s programs today!

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