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Blyth Academy: From the classroom to online – the best of both worlds

Blyth Academy: From the classroom to online – the best of both worlds

Having taken courses in university both in-person and online myself, I can personally speak to the value in both experiences. Both in-person and online courses serve as catalysts for the preparation students need for our emerging, technology driven world. In-person courses are important for social development skills, and online courses are important for technology proficiency that is becoming so valuable as our use of technology as a society continues to advance.

Blyth Academy has an entire branch dedicated to its unique, convenient, and flexible asynchronous online courses. If you attend one of Blyth Academy’s bricks and mortar campuses or a different in-person school, and something tells you an online course might fit your schedule well in between your in-person classes and after school clubs and sports - Blyth Academy Online is designed for you!

Students who take courses at both an in-person school and online with Blyth Academy Online reap the benefits of an in-person, direct educational experience, while also having the unique advantage of being able to learn and earn credits on your own schedule. Whether it’s Monday morning at 6:00 am, or Saturday night at midnight – Blyth Academy Online’s asynchronous, self-paced courses are designed to tailor your unique needs, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl!

Taking an online course with Blyth Academy Online is a great way to get ahead, stay on track, or just learn about something that interests you! Whether your campus isn’t offering a specific course you want to take this semester, you want to earn a higher grade in a course for your university application, or maybe you just really love chemistry - Blyth Academy Online’s courses are designed with your needs in mind.

We work with students and families directly to ensure students have the prerequisites for the courses they’ve enrolled in with us, their work is graded in a timely manner, and their home schools and any post-secondary schools they’ve applied to are kept up to date on their progress.

Students have direct access to both their course teachers and free tutoring or essay support services. We work diligently to ensure our students are supported and set up for success because we truly understand the demands of student life.

With Blyth Academy Online, not only do you get the quality of education that Blyth Academy is devoted to, but you get it on your own time – all you have to do is log on and get started!

To take a course with Blyth Academy Online, you can contact your Guidance Counselor if you attend a Blyth Academy campus, or you can register directly on our website using this LINK.

From all of us at Blyth Academy Online, we hope to work with you soon!

Chelsea Jeffery, Academic Administrator at Blyth Academy Online

As an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected high school, Blyth Academy Online offers over 160 Ontario high school course credits for students looking to advance their learning and stay ahead of the curve.

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