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Online FAQs

Blyth Academy Online vs Blyth Academy Orbit



Blyth Academy Online Blyth Academy Orbit


100% virtual, no classes 100% virtual, daily live classes
Timing Work at your own pace Structured day – regularly scheduled classes Monday to Friday
Teaching Self-paced learning Live teacher-led classes 
Access to a teacher Regular virtual office hours + one-click access to teacher support via tutoring and learning platforms During virtual class time, after-hours via email and learning platform, and regular virtual office hours
Start Date    
Start and finish anytime within one year High school students start at the beginning of the school year or term (Sept, Nov, Feb, Apr), and elementary students can start at any time

Blyth Academy Online

What are the tuition fees?

For information about tuition and fees please click here.

Financing is also available through PayBright.

When does my course start?

Once you register online, you will have immediate access to your course. You will receive a welcome email containing all the information you need to get started (i.e. how to log in, how to submit prerequisite documentation, etc.)

How long does it take to complete a course?

This varies greatly depending on your availability, comfort level in the subject, and many other factors, but the average time to complete one course is 12 weeks; the maximum time to complete is 365 days. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your availability and a feasible timeline for course completion.

Is there any additional teacher support beyond messaging my teacher?

Yes! Included with the price of your course is access to Ontario-based high school tutors or international subject matter experts. This includes unlimited live support for any online Math or Science course, writing support for eligible courses with significant writing components, and support for select specialty courses. The way online learning should be.

Click here to learn more.

What is the best way to communicate with my teacher?

All student-teacher communication occurs via the internal email system within the learning management system (Brightspace). Students can also meet their teachers via video the internal video conferencing tool. Students should email their teacher in Brightspace to book an appointment.

How are the lessons delivered?

Lessons are delivered in a wide variety of formats in order to cater to different learning styles. Some examples of delivery are written notes, videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, etc., videos created by the teacher, PowerPoint presentations accompanied by teacher voiceover, interactive labs and models, external websites, online articles, discussion forums, along with other interactive tools like Gizmos, Poodll, Prezi, Live Binders, and more.

How are the assessments performed?

Assessments are done through a variety of formats; there are quizzes, tests, discussions, and assignments that our teachers use for assessment. Students will be required to appear on video for some assessments in their course.

How do I write the final exam?

Students must have finished and submitted all coursework before taking the final exam. There is a $30 exam proctoring fee for courses that have final exams. The exam fee can be paid via the Student/Parent Portal (Genius).

Integrity Advocate Proctoring Service
Exams do not need to be scheduled in advance; students simply open up the exam and complete it when they are ready. Further information regarding Integrity Advocate can be found here.

The exam fee should be paid at least two business days prior to writing the exam. Details on how to pay the fee can be found here.

What happens if I need a hard copy of my final report card right away?

You can arrange to have a courier pick up a hard copy of your report card from our office at your own expense if you need one sent immediately. We can also provide you with an electronic copy via email if you desire. Please get in touch with us at to arrange either of these options.

I have an IEP. How does Blyth Academy Online accommodate for this?

BAO will accommodate additional time, a teacher-approved memory aid, and/or assistive technology when they are listed in the student’s IEP. IEPs that state “extra time” will result in the student receiving 1.5x the baseline time. Students will only be given double the baseline time if the IEP explicitly states so.

Our asynchronous online learning environment may not meet every learner’s needs. Students seeking any other accommodations should email to schedule a time to speak with a member of our guidance department before enrolling.

Please note that many courses have mandatory video assessments. These video assessments are integral to the credibility of our assessment practices and will not be waived.

Does my home school have to accept the credit I earned at Blyth Academy Online?

Yes; your home school is required to add any credits you have earned through Blyth Academy Online to your transcript.
*Students attending schools outside of Ontario should contact to confirm if and how credits will be transferred.

What is the withdrawal policy?

In Grades 11 and 12, all attempts, withdrawals, and repeats of courses are recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST). For these students, withdrawals will be recorded on the OST if they occur after 5 instructional days* following the issuing of the midterm report card. Withdrawal from Grade 9 or 10 courses is not recorded on the OST.

*An instructional day is considered any day, Monday-Friday, while the student is enrolled in the course regardless of whether they log in or not. This includes the summer as well.

Is there a parent portal?

One parent for each student will be offered a Genius account that will give them insight into their child’s progress in their online course(s). Parents can log into Genius here.

Do universities/colleges value online courses differently than in-class courses?

No; all credits earned through Blyth Academy Online are taken at the same value as a credit earned in any other school in Ontario. You should, however, always consult with the university/college’s website to check their policies on e-learning courses, repeated courses, and courses taken outside of the home school, as these change frequently.

How do I register for a course?

The registration process can be completed online by clicking Courses Available and selecting the Buy Now button (this will appear when hovering over a course tile). For existing students, simply select Add New Couse from with the Student/Parent Portal (Genius).

What documentation do I need to send in prior to starting my course?

Proof of prerequisite must be uploaded to the Student/Parent Portal (Genius) in the form of a final report card, transcript, or credit counselling summary. Students are also required to submit a valid piece of government-issued photo identification or student identification upon enrolment. Please see the Genius Resources Page for instructional videos on how to upload student documentation.

How long do I have to complete my course?

You have one year from the date of registration to complete your course. Extensions beyond a year must be purchased for $200. Course changes are allowed for the first 90 days of a course. There is a transfer fee of $200 if the change is requested 30 days after registration.

Are there due dates in my course?

Since your course is asynchronous, there are no due dates; you work through the course at your own pace.

Please note that you should take into account any due dates or deadlines for university/college applications and graduation from your home school.

Do I get a textbook?

If there is a required textbook for your course, you will be provided with an eBook at no additional charge. Access details will be emailed to you within 2 business days of registration.

Are the tests proctored/supervised?

Tests and quizzes that are written by students throughout the course are not proctored. However, we expect students to adhere to standard protocols of academic integrity. Plagiarism, outside assistance or other violations will result in academic consequences.

How do I know if I am eligible for a midterm grade in my course?

The mid-point of your course is outlined in the Welcome to your Course lesson contained in the introductory unit of your course. Generally, the mid-point is halfway through the course at which point teachers will submit a midterm grade.

It is important to ensure that you meet the mid-point requirements in advance of any deadlines or due dates that may apply for university or college applications.

How does my completed course get on my transcript?

We will send a copy of your report card to your home school once it has been completed; they will record the completed course on your transcript.

What is the difference between a report card and a transcript?

A transcript is a document outlining a student’s permanent academic record, illustrating all courses taken in high school along with the grades received and any certificate conferred. A report card is a document outlining the course completed, the grade, the learning skills, and the comment from the teacher. In general, transcripts are only needed when applying to post-secondary institutions.

When will I receive my final grade?

Your teacher will grade your exam and submit your final grade approximately four days after the exam is written (this can vary depending on how much work has been submitted by the student toward the end of the course). The report card will then be generated and processed within 2 business days. Report cards will be sent to the student’s home school. Students can download digital copies of their report cards via the Student/Parent Portal (Genius). Please note that physical report cards will not be mailed.

How does my grade get to OUAC or OCAS? (Ontario Universities’/College Application Centre)

We will send your midterm and final grades to OUAC and/or OCAS once you provide us with your OUAC/OCAS number via the Post-Secondary Transmission Form found in your course. Click here to learn more.

Can I earn my OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) credits through online courses?

Students in Canada and abroad are able to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) completely online through Blyth Academy. In order to obtain an OSSD, students are required to earn a total of 30 credits, complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), and complete 40 hours of community service hours. Click here to learn more.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

Students should have the following minimum requirements to access on Blyth Academy Online programs:

A PC running Windows XP or higher or
A Mac running OS X or
A Chromebook running Chrome OS
2GB of RAM
High speed internet connection
A sound card with speakers or headphones
A functional webcam and microphone

Adobe Reader
A typical Office Suite including a word processor application, equation editor and spreadsheets

Mozilla Firefox4 or higher or
Internet Explorer 7 or higher or
Safari 5 or higher or
Google Chrome 11 or higher
In some cases, a scanner or phone/camera may be used to submit handwritten assignments.

What is the refund policy?

Blyth Academy Online does not offer refunds. Students may transfer to a different course within 90 days but a fee may apply. Please consult the Refunds, Credits, and Transfers section of the BAO Student Handbook for further details. 

Can I use promo offers for other Blyth products?

No, promotional offers only apply to Blyth Academy Online courses (self-paced learning), and promotional offers cannot be used in conjunction with one another.

Is there a student handbook?

BAO Student Handbook

Blyth Academy Orbit

What do classes look like?

Blyth Academy Orbit uses Zoom virtual classrooms with many interactive tools, where students are able to interact with their classmates daily. Please click the subjects below for short examples for our virtual classrooms:

Can I start at any time?

No. Elementary students can begin at any point in the school year. For high school students, our synchronous approach allows for students to engage with each other and stay involved for the duration of the course. Our entry points are September, November, February, and April for full-time academics. 

Can I do a single course?

Yes, but for high school courses only.

For information about tuition and fees please click here.

What courses are offered when?

The Orbit schedule is set in advance of the school year, with a variety of courses being offered in each term. Please contact us for more information.

Why is there a four term, two course per term structure?

This format enables our high school students to devote their complete attention to two subjects at a time, rather than the traditional four per semester. This encourages deeper engagement with course material and allows for further exploration of interests, which better prepares students for acceptance into the post-secondary program of their choice. It also allows for flexibility in scheduling to meet student and family needs. 

Who will my teacher be?

Blyth Academy teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and many have additional post-graduate degrees. Our staff are selected not only for their qualifications, but also for their empathy, enthusiasm and dedication to student success. Our teachers love what they teach and are passionate about connecting with young people. Additionally, our teachers have acquired invaluable experience in, and feedback on, the virtual classroom since March 2020. 

How are exams done?

Exams will be written virtually and administered by a third party proctoring service to ensure academic integrity. Students may also have the opportunity to write an exam at a Blyth Academy bricks and mortar school if they desire.

Can I transfer between Blyth Academy Orbit and another Ontario campus, or Blyth Academy Online?

Yes, however an admissions interview for another Ontario campus may be required. Ontario campuses accept new students at the start of every term. Transferring to Blyth Academy Online can happen at any point in the year, however courses need to be completed in their entirety on one platform before moving to another (i.e. you cannot do part of a course with Orbit and complete it with Blyth Academy Online and vice versa).

Will I be able to talk to a guidance counsellor?

Yes! Similar to our traditional brick and mortar high schools, our guidance counsellors offer office hours and encourage students to meet with them whenever the need arises. Early on, our students are encouraged to plan for post-secondary education and our team offers an extremely high level of support throughout the post-secondary application process.

Are there extracurriculars?

Extracurricular activities are an important part of school life. Being active and engaged in arts, sports, and community brings like minded students together to share their passions, and expand their networks. Blyth Academy Orbit will offer all students the opportunity to join clubs such as photography, gaming, and environmental, among many others, all of which will be driven by the passions and interests of Orbit students.

Will I be able to participate in Blyth-wide events like prom and sports tournaments?

Absolutely! Blyth Academy understands the importance of community amongst our students. Our cross-campus network of students comes together throughout the school year to compete in annual events including the Blyth Academy Hockey Tournament, Volleyball Tournament, and Model UN. We also run a Triathalon, and our campuses host MAD nights for students’ Music, Arts, and Drama.

How do I pick my courses?

Once accepted to Blyth Academy Orbit, students will be contacted by their Guidance Counsellor to discuss courses and timetable.

What grades are offered at Blyth Academy Orbit?

We will be offering Grades 9 – 12.

How does faculty communicate with parents?

We leverage Edsby, our online learning platform, as the primary means of communication between teachers and families. Teachers will update families on a weekly basis, as well as when any notable developments occur in a student’s progress. Blyth Academy Orbit will also host virtual Parent-Teacher meetings at least once per term.

Are there application deadlines?

No: we accept and review applications for Orbit on a rolling basis.

What is the application process?

The application process for Blyth Academy Orbit is similar to applying to any other Blyth Academy campus. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions regarding the steps listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions Team ( | 1-866-960-3552).