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New scholarships available for both merit-based and equity-based applications | Deadline: Feb 15 2022

Scholarship Program for 2022-2023

Scholarships are available for all students applying to full-year studies at any of our in-person campuses as well as Blyth Academy Orbit.

Blyth Academy’s 2022-2023 scholarship program aims to both celebrate and reward student academic achievement and commitment to school life, as well as make the Blyth Academy experience accessible to students who require financial assistance for their education.

Merit-Based Award


Community Impact: recognizes students who demonstrate a genuine interest in the well-being of individuals in their community and are making a positive impact with their actions. 

Environmental Impact: recognizes students who are working to make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place. 

Academic Impact: recognizes students who have excelled in their studies to date and have also supported their peers in doing so. 

Athletic Impact: recognizes students who have demonstrated passion for and success in an athletic pursuit. 

StudyInsured™ Global Impact:  in partnership with StudyInsured™, recognizes an international student who demonstrates strong academic potential and curiosity about the world around them.

Equity-Based Award

Equity-based awards are need-based scholarships that serve to make the Blyth Academy education and experience accessible students who require financial assistance for their education.

Scholarship Application Process

In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students must complete the Scholarship Application and submit it to within one week of submitting their academic application.  Scholarships are limited and competitive; therefore, students are encouraged to apply early.   

We collate scholarship applications around two deadlines each year, and priority will be given to students who apply before the deadline.  All scholarship decisions will be communicated within two weeks of the deadlines.  If scholarship funds remain after the first deadline, they will be awarded on a rolling basis.  

  1. Submit a completed Academic Application to Blyth Academy for full-year studies and be deemed a good fit by the principal of the campus you are applying to.
  2. Submit a completed Scholarship Application and return it to  within one week of submitting your academic application. 
  3. Scholarship decisions will be communicated via email within two weeks of the scholarship application deadline. 
  4. If a scholarship is granted, the award must be accepted in writing by a parent/guardian by the deadline provided. 
  5. The scholarship amount will reduce the total tuition amount owing.


  1. Letter of financial need: a personal letter from a parent/guardian outlining your financial need.
  2. T4 or equivalent tax assessment: most recent statements of remuneration for all custodial parents or legal guardian(s). 

Important Notes 

  • Scholarships will be awarded until all funds are allocated or the deadline passes, whichever comes last 
  • Scholarships cannot be awarded in cash 
  • Scholarships are non-transferrable to another student 
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred
  • Learn more about tuition and fee deadlines on our Important Dates page.
  • Blyth Academy Terms and Conditions apply to all applications.

  • Blyth Academy Terms and Conditions apply to all applications, except Equity-based awards:
    1. For Equity-based applicants, Terms and Conditions apply upon acceptance of scholarship. If an Equity-based application is denied, students are eligible for refund.