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Limited Seats Available

Get ahead with Ontario's top Summer School. 

Prepare for success in the fall and beyond with personalized learning, intensive month-long courses in a variety of subjects, and small classes averaging just 12 students. Choose from our in-person sessions in July or join our teachers virtually in July and August.

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"Blyth Academy changed my son’s perspective and self-confidence. His teacher made the class interesting and fun, and had kids chatting physics and learning in an open, encouraging, and inclusive way."
- Helena A., Parent -

Summer School
Designed to enhance your child's learning.

Experience a summer of growth and learning with structured classes, real-time interactions, and specialized activities designed to prepare students for their next educational step — all while ensuring they can still enjoy their summer.

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Expert Educators
Rest assured, your child is in expert hands.

Join Blyth Academy’s Summer School and tap into over 40 years of educational excellence at Canada's largest private school network.

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Flexible Learning
Reclaim your summertime fun.

Our Summer School classes end at 1 p.m. each weekday. Whether attending in-person or online, your child won’t miss out on cherished summertime family moments.

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Proven Results
Discover the Blyth Academy difference.

Boasting a 98% acceptance rate to top Canadian and international universities, Blyth Academy has propelled countless alumni to success through our innovative educational approach.

Virtual Classroom
Summer adventures? Continue learning seamlessly.

Experience virtual summer school through Blyth Academy Orbit, our 100% remote campus featuring live classes with real-time teacher interaction. With structured class hours, firm deadlines, and a "cameras on" policy, we mirror the rigour of our in-person sessions, keeping your child connected and involved no matter where summer takes you.

Summer Camp
Prepare for high school success.

Enroll your child in our Pre-Launch Summer Camp at Blyth Academy Etobicoke, running from August 12-23, 2024. Designed for students aged 12-15, this camp enhances literacy and math skills while promoting leadership and community engagement, all within a supportive learning environment.

Flexible Scheduling
Optimized for your teen's active lifestyle.

Our classes are tailored to fit into your child's life, running Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., followed by independent work and accessible teacher office hours until 3:30 p.m. Please ensure prerequisites are met before enrollment. If not, we'll help align you with a suitable course or provide a credit for future use, valid for one year.

Summer Session 2024
GRADES: 10, 11, 12 July August
📅 Dates July 3 - July 31 August 6 - August 30
🏠 In-person Classes  
💻 Virtual Classes

Course Selection
Explore our diverse summer course offerings.

Choose the perfect summer learning path with Blyth Academy's tailored course offerings for Grades 10 to 12. From core subjects like Mathematics and English to specialized sciences and more, each course is designed to boost knowledge and readiness for the upcoming academic year. Available in July and August sessions, both in-person and online, our flexible scheduling ensures there's a fit for every student's needs.

Tuition and Fees
Clear costs, no surprises.

Invest in your teen's future with Blyth Academy's straightforward and competitive tuition rates for our Summer School sessions. Our fees are structured to provide both domestic and international students with access to our high-quality in-person and virtual courses. No hidden costs - just clear, upfront pricing to help you plan your summer with ease.

Summer Session 2024
GRADES: 10, 11, 12 Domestic International
In-Person1 $2,250 $2,950
Virtual2 $2,050 $2,600
Application Fee Free!

Late Registration Fee3

Transfer Fee $200

(1) Blyth Academy: Lawrence Park, Mississauga; (2) Blyth Academy Orbit; (3) To avoid the late registration fee, make sure to register on or before Wednesday, June 26, 2024 (July Session) or Monday, July 29, 2025 (August Session).

Interested in Summer School?
Our Admissions is only a click away!

To begin your child's academic journey with Blyth Academy, please speak with one of our excellent Admissions Advisors. They will help you determine the right course of action, schedule a campus tour, answer any remaining questions, and so much more!

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(1) For in-person classes, select your preferred available campus. For fully virtual and synchronous (live) classes, choose Blyth Academy Orbit.

Common Questions
Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Get quick answers to the most common inquiries about Blyth Academy's Night School. From grade requirements to class sizes and scheduling, find all the information you need to make an informed decision about your summer education choices.

While we provide individualized attention to students, we cannot guarantee a specific grade. Our objective for Summer School as with all our courses, is to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, and we encourage them to apply what they learn to achieve their desired outcome in the course.

Our Summer School classes are designed to provide a personalized and supportive learning environment. Typically, we have 6-16 students in each class, which allows for ample individual attention from the teacher and fosters meaningful peer interactions.

We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent a student from starting a Summer School course on time. If you need to join a class that has already started, please contact the principal at your campus to discuss your options. They will work with you to determine if it is feasible to join the Summer School course mid-stream.

We understand that unexpected events may arise, leading to student absences. In regular Summer School sessions, students are allowed to miss up to two (2) classes. Our goal is to support students in managing their schedules while ensuring they meet the necessary requirements for successful completion of their courses.

In our commitment to offering diverse learning opportunities, we aim to accommodate students' educational pursuits, including those enrolled in Summer School. If a course does not meet the minimum enrollment requirement, families will be informed two weeks before the start date. In such cases, registered students have several options, including enrolling in a private course, transferring to our synchronous virtual campus, opting for an online course, or requesting a full refund.

There may be prerequisites for enrolling in certain Summer School courses, depending on the subject and level of the course. Prerequisites ensure that students have the necessary background knowledge and skills to succeed in the course. Check with our admissions advisor for any specific requirements for each course before enrolling.

Yes, you will receive credit for the courses you take during Summer School at Blyth Academy. These credits are equivalent to those earned during the regular school year and can be applied toward your OSSD graduation requirements. Summer School courses are designed to meet the same academic standards, ensuring that you receive recognized and valuable credits for your efforts.

To submit an application, families must create an account on our Student Application Portal. Within your account, you can add courses according to the program of your choice and make tuition and fee payments. If the course requires a prerequisite you will be ask to provide proof of course completion prior to the start date. To avoid a late fee, you must apply at least 3 business days prior to the start date. Seats are not guranteed and courses may fill up early so we recommend applying as soon as possible.

No, you can only take one course per Summer School session. You may however enroll in the July and August sessions, earning 2 credits over the course of the summer.

After the completion of your Summer School course and issuance of the report card, we will promptly forward an official copy to your home school for transcript entry. Your home school will integrate the course details and grades into your official academic record.

Summer School classes are scheduled for 4 hours each day, with teacher office hours available for 2 hours following the scheduled class time.

In the event of a class cancellation due to a closure, such as a power outage or inclement weather, we have several options to ensure that students in Summer School can continue their studies. Depending on the specific circumstances, students may be given alternative coursework or assignments to complete on their own time. Alternatively, a virtual class may be held so that students can continue their learning remotely. Our priority is to ensure that students can make up any missed coursework and continue to progress through the Summer School course.

Yes, there may be homework or assignments to complete outside of class time during Summer School courses. The amount and frequency of homework can vary depending on the course and instructor. It's important to review the course syllabus or ask your teacher for clarification on the expectations for homework and assignments. Students may use the office hours period to complete their homework with support from the teacher.

Information about your assigned teacher will be provided to you at the first Summer School class, ensuring a personalized introduction to your instructor. As for textbook details, you can expect to receive that information a few days prior to the start date, facilitating ample time for preparation. Additionally, we offer an in-house service for quick and hassle-free textbook ordering, streamlining the process for our students.

Blyth Academy Summer School is a Ministry-inspected school and grants credits that meet all OSSD requirements. This means that the credit is no different than a credit earned during the school year, covering the same curriculum and meeting the 110 hour requirement. Due to the small class size and dedicated teachers at Blyth Academy, students can expect a more personalized approach to the course and curriculum, resulting in a better understanding of the material and ultimately better success in the course.

"During the Summer School session at Blyth Academy, communication regarding your child's progress and performance typically occurs through various channels to keep you well-informed. Here's how it usually works:

Regular Updates: Teachers may provide regular updates on your child's progress through emails, phone calls, or through the Edsby platform. These updates often include information on coursework, assignments, and overall performance in the class.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Blyth Academy may schedule parent-teacher conferences during the Summer School session. These conferences offer an opportunity for you to meet with your child's teachers to discuss their progress in more detail, address any concerns, and collaborate on strategies to support your child's academic success.

Edsby Platform: Blyth Academy will provide access to the Edsby platform where you can view real-time information about your child's grades, assignments, and attendance. These portals enable you to stay informed about your child's academic progress at any time.

By maintaining open communication channels and providing regular updates on your child's academic progress, Blyth Academy aims to ensure that you are well-informed and involved in your child's educational journey during the Summer School session."

Blyth Academy Orbit: 100% virtual attendance with live classes led by teachers. Structured schedule, access teachers during and after class. Start at the beginning of the school year or term. Available for Summer School and Night School.

Blyth Academy Online: 100% virtual attendance with self-paced learning. Work at your own pace, access teachers through virtual office hours and support platforms. Start anytime within one year. Not available for Summer School and Night School.

Each day of Summer School classes is followed by 2 hours of office hours where students can work directly with their teacher for additional support. Due to the small class size, students receive direct support from their teacher throughout the lesson, ensuring that students understand the materials and are successful in their course. Students will also work alongside their peers, supporting one another thorugout the class. All course materials are hosted on the Edsby platform to ensure students and parents have full access the course and supporting materials.

The specific assessments, grading and assignments will vary for each course however students can expect to receive all of the relevant course information prior to the first day of class. This will also be posted on the Edsby platform and parents receive regular updates about upcoming tests, deadlines and about their child's progress in the course.

Scholarships and financial aid are only available for full-time students.

Yes, Blyth Academy is committed to providing accommodations and support services to students with learning needs during the Summer School session. This may include students with IEPs or documented learning needs. We encourage you to reach out to our academic team to discuss your child's needs and determine if Blyth Academy is able to accommodate.

At Blyth Academy we aim to ensure that parents are well-informed about their child's education and progress. Through Edsby and regular teacher communication, you will be able to understand exactly where your child stands academically and when support might be needed. We encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher to discuss how to support them through Summer School.