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Part-Time Programs

Blyth Academy offers a variety of part-time programs for students to earn a single credit or have the opportunity to take multiple courses, while still keeping their Ontario Student Record at their homeschool if desired.

Summer School

The Blyth Academy Summer School program offers highly personalized and experiential learning at many of our Ontario campuses. We give our students the opportunity to enhance their education with intensive, month-long high school courses in a wide array of subjects, including mathematics, science, English, and humanities.

Choosing Blyth Academy for summer school in Toronto and across Ontario, allows students to benefit from our small class sizes and personalized approach, setting students up for a successful fall semester.

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Night School

Choosing Blyth Academy for Night School courses allows students to maintain their home school while benefitting from our small class sizes and personalized approach. This gives students the opportunity to excel in core subjects while reaching forward for academic success.

You can choose from a range of subjects, including mathematics, science, and english. Course availability varies by campus and runs according to the schedule outlined below. We strongly encourage students to register for Night School no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of classes.

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Private Courses

Blyth Academy Private Courses give students the opportunity to earn a high school credit via a one-on-one learning experience in which teachers tailor the lessons to the needs and schedule of the individual student. Schedules can be tailored to fit almost any requirements, and the hourly rate compares favourably to tutoring costs.

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