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Term by Term Options

Term to Term Students

At Blyth Academy we have four intake periods during our school year to make starting at Blyth as flexible as possible.

  • Term One (September)

  • Term Two (November)

  • Term Three (February)

  • Term Four (April)

This is possible due to our unique quadmester structure (four terms) which allows for flexibility for students who want to try us out or who are looking for extra credits in a gap year.

Students typically take two courses with us for ten weeks, four times per year.  For students who have other obligations, whether travel, sports, or career-related, this means they can take two and a half months with us, and then stop and start again later.  At Blyth Academy we are all about working with individual students’ needs. To that end we have term to term students, night and summer school students, and even students taking private courses with us. Whatever your teenager’s academic needs, Blyth Academy has a solution.

High school students can join us at any of our four entry points throughout the academic year, and elementary students can join us at any time during the school year. (Space Permitting)

Blyth Academy has been running quadmesters for over 10 years. Make the switch for this term and learn from teacher's with experience teaching in a quadmester structure.

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