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London Athletics

In partnership with Total Package Hockey, Blyth Academy London students in Grades 9 to 12 have the opportunity to participate in an Advanced Hockey Program. The benefits of participating in the London Advanced Hockey Program during the school day is that it allows the students the time to focus on their academics and balance the time spent between home, school, and the community. 

Our aim is to create a challenging and supportive learning environment where instructors, coaches and students work together with the goal of achieving academic and athletic excellence. Student-athletes receive the best academic opportunities and access to an established athletic program through advanced hockey training each and every day, in combination with Blyth Academy’s focus on university preparation and academic success.

Advanced Hockey Program

The Blyth Academy London hockey and ice sports training program is centered on giving our students the opportunity for experiential learning that is geared toward their individual interests.  Athletes are prepared for future athletic endeavors in a manner that enables them to discover both the joy of learning and the importance of training and commitment.

Athletic Delivery Model

  • Students participate in sport-specific training four days a week 
  • Additional fitness and dry land training sessions to complement sport-specific training
  • Professional instruction by experienced trainers and coaches
  • Students receive assessment and evaluations to track their progress
  • Every athlete receives consultation about the NCAA and its student athlete process.


Our partner, Total Package Hockey (TPH), runs the hockey development program that works with hockey players of all ages, skill level and ability. TPH Training Centre is located below the bowl of the Olympic rink at the Western Fair Sports Centre. From first time skaters to NHL players TPH offers programs that suit all players’ needs. TPH has established itself as an elite outfit with professional staff, innovative curriculum and modernized teaching techniques to assist players in their development in their pursuit of achieving their goals in hockey.

Contact Us

To learn more about how flexible academic scheduling can take your hockey training to the next level, contact Blyth Academy London at or 519-204-6016.