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Blyth Academy Elite Athletics

Empowering student-athletes with world-class academics.

Driven by sports? So are we. Blyth Academy champions the dreams of student-athletes across all disciplines with programs that balance elite training and academic excellence. Here, your child gains the edge — on the ice, in the gym, across the field, and in the classroom.

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Philadelphia FlyersClass of 2017
Owen Tippett

Owen has seen his hockey career soar to new heights since his school days at Blyth Academy. After stints with the Mississauga Steelheads and Saginaw Spirit in the OHL, Owen now proudly represents the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL.

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Toronto FCClass of 2022
Hugo Mbongue

Hugo attended Blyth Academy from 2019 to 2022 and is currently making waves as a standout player for the Toronto Football Club in the MLS. He has played for Team Canada in the 2019 and 2022 CONCACAF Championship.

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Stanford UniversityClass of 2024
Bailey O’Regan

A member of the Class of 2024, Bailey is making a splash in the world of international athletics. Currently, Bailey competes nationally and internationally and next year she will be joining the Stanford Swim Team, competing at the NCAA Division 1 level.

World-class athletic education that gets our graduates noticed.

Elite Athletics
Integrated academic and athletic training.

Immerse yourself in a unique learning environment where academics and athletics seamlessly integrate. Several of our campuses offer direct academic and athletic training programs tailored to hockey and soccer players. Train under the guidance of experienced coaches and teachers who understand the demands of both your sport and your studies. With our comprehensive approach, you can pursue your athletic dreams without sacrificing your academic progress.

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Elite Hockey
Aim for the NHL.

Train with elite coaches, compete alongside top-tier players, and prepare for success on and off the ice. Get ready to unleash your full potential and dominate the game.

Custom Sports
Stay in top shape.

From strength and conditioning to agility and flexibility, our personalized fitness programs help you maximize your potential and dominate on the field, court, or track. Available at our Downsview Park, Whitby and Burlington campuses.

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Elite Soccer
Train with experienced coaches.

Elevate your game with personalized instruction led by top coaches and access to state-of-the-art facilities, tailored for athletes striving for excellence!

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Elite Lacrosse
Master the game.

Advance your skills on and off the field, and benefit from top-tier coaching, tailored workouts, and access to state-of-the-art facilities.

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Post-Secondary Pathways
Guidance for NCAA and internationally-bound athletes.

Are you considering pursuing an athletic career at a US college or international university? We've got you covered. Our experienced counselors can provide guidance on meeting the academic requirements for NCAA eligibility or international university admissions. From course selection to standardized testing, we'll help you navigate the admissions process and ensure that you're well-prepared for the next step in your academic and athletic journey.

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Discover how we inspire a love for learning and individual growth, meet our passionate staff, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that defines Blyth Academy. We can't wait to welcome you to our school!

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Developed by professionals for professionals.

Experience the benefits of personalized attention in our small classes of just 12 students. Our intimate learning environments allow our teachers to work more closely with each student, providing individualized support and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. With flexibility built into our curriculum, we ensure that you meet all academic requirements while accommodating your athletic pursuits.

Our teachers aren't just educators – they're mentors who understand the unique challenges faced by elite athletes. They've worked with athletes before, so they know firsthand the pressures, stresses, and time constraints that come with competing at a high level. With their expertise, they'll help you stay motivated, focused, and on track academically, empowering you to achieve success both in the classroom and in your sport.

Flexible Schedule
Study and practice on your terms.

We understand elite athletes have demanding schedules. That’s why we offer flexible options to fit your commitments. With our high school quadmester system, virtual synchronous school, and online asynchronous school, you can customize your education around your training. Whether it’s morning gym sessions, afternoon practices, or global competitions, we’ve got you covered.

Ideal for downhill skiers, golfers, tennis players, and more, this sample Grade 11 schedule is perfect for student-athletes who train in the afternoon and compete internationally in the winter.

By choosing period 1 & 2 courses, students can leave school at 1:30 p.m., seamlessly transitioning into their afternoon training sessions.

Period #1

MCR3U: Grade 11 Functions

Period #2

ENG3U: Grade 11 English

Period #3

Early Afternoon Training

Continuing from Term 1, enrolling in Grade 12 classes ensures a smooth transition, with content building directly on the previous term. This approach keeps the material fresh, empowering students to excel without a year-long gap.

Period #1

ENG4U: Grade 12 English

Period #2

MHF4U: Grade 12 Advanced Functions

Period #3

Early Afternoon Training

From February to April, students train and compete abroad. During this period, they can enroll in asynchronous online courses, such as Grade 12 Nutrition & Health (HFA4U), to stay on track academically.

With lighter training in Term 4, students have the flexibility to manage their two classes and an online course effectively.

Period #1

SBI3U: Grade 11 Biology

Period #2

MCV4U: Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors

Period #3

Blyth Academy Online, IDC4U: Interdisciplinary Studies, The Elite Athlete

This sample Grade 12 schedule is tailored for student-athletes who train in the morning, making it ideal for swimmers, rowers, hockey players, and more.

By choosing period 2 & 3 courses, students can start school at 11:00 a.m., seamlessly transitioning from their morning training sessions.

Period #1

Morning Training

Period #2

MDM4U: Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management

Period #3

AWQ4M: Grade 12 Visual Arts, Photography

If training and competitions overlap with Terms 2 or 3, we provide flexible learning solutions. Students can fill any gaps with our online asynchronous courses or transition smoothly to Blyth Academy Orbit’s virtual, teacher-led classes.

Period #1

Morning Training

Period #2

BBB4M: Grade 12 International Business Fundamentals

Period #3

Online Course, IDC4U: Interdisciplinary Studies, The Elite Athlete

Period #1

Morning Training

Period #2

SCH4U: Grade 12 Chemistry

Period #3

AVI4M: Grade 12 Visual Arts

Period #1

Morning Training

Period #2

BOH4M: Grade 12 Business Leadership, Management Fundamentals

Period #3

CIA4U: Grade 12 Analyzing Current Economic Issues

...his skills are improving exponentially...

My son’s hockey is improving exponentially, he is working out at lunch, and he eats healthy food every day - what a great combo! Switching to Blyth has been an excellent move for our family.

Jessica T.

...exceeded our every expectation...

The entire Blyth experience - from the phenomenal coaching and personalized dryland fitness through to the student-centered, small class learning environment - has exceeded our every expectation.

Andrea B.

...goes to class with positive energy...

We were fortunate to have the top TFC coach train our son each morning for an hour. He goes to class with positive energy after he learns the technical lessons from his coaches.

Iowell W.

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Discover everything you need to know about our admissions, from campus tours to tuition costs, and beyond. For a more personalized discussion on how our offerings can benefit your child's academic and athletic development, please reach out to Admissions . Our team is ready to help you navigate the best options for your child's future.

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How do I learn more about the program?

We invite you to contact us for an introductory call, followed by a campus tour where you can explore our classrooms, facilities, and learn about our athletic and academic programs in detail.

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Tuition & Fees
How much is the annual investment?

Blyth Academy is dedicated to transparent pricing. Explore this year’s tuition details to learn more about our competitive rates and straightforward fees.

Financial Support
Do you award scholarships & financial aid?

Dedicated to supporting our students, we offer scholarships and financial aid based on individual merits and needs. Reach out to Admissions to learn more about your options.

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Common Questions
Take a moment to review these.

Get quick answers to the most common inquiries about Blyth Academy. From entry requirements to class sizes and scheduling, find all the information you need to make an informed decision about your child's education options.

At Blyth Academy, we offer competitive pricing, making us a cost-effective alternative compared to many other private schools. You can find detailed information about our tuition costs and associated fees on the Tuition & Fees page, including deadlines and payment plans for both full-time and part-time students. Additionally, we provide scholarship and financial aid opportunities and strongly encourage you to apply. You'll discover application deadlines, procedures, and necessary documentation on our Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

At Blyth Academy, we take pride in our small class sizes, maintaining an average ratio of 12:1. This enables our teachers to establish personal connections with each student and their parents, working closely with them to help achieve their educational goals. Our commitment to small class sizes extends to our schools, where our principal, guidance counselor, and campus administrator also can engage with students individually, offering support when needed.

In a small school, no student slips through the cracks. Our teachers and staff not only know their students academically but also personally. This close connection enables our staff to better understand a student's emotions, external stresses, and personal growth needs. Additionally, we maintain an average guidance counselor-to-student ratio of 70:1, providing students with unparalleled access to guidance support, whether for academic or personal reasons.

Blyth Academy was built on the foundation of providing students with flexible learning options. With over a decade of experience in delivering quadmesters, we offer students flexibility in their academic year, providing options not available in a traditional two-semester or full-year timetable. Additionally, we provide Night School, Summer School, self-paced online, and teacher-led virtual learning, offering multiple solutions for timetabling and earning required credits.

Even though Blyth Academy is small, we are still able to deliver all required credits for students to graduate. Our quadmester approach, small classes, and tight-knit school community allow us to create timetables that cater to students with different pathways. In addition, students can complement their regular classes with options such as Summer School, Night School, or over 160 self-paced OSSD online courses. As a school community, we provide high-quality academics in all core subjects while still enabling students to explore their other interests.

At Blyth Academy, fostering open and honest communication with parents is one of our core principles. Our teachers oversee two small classes each term, enabling them to dedicate time to regularly update parents on their child's progress. Additionally, our close-knit communities empower our principal and guidance counselor to swiftly address any parental inquiries or concerns.

Our teachers make use of Edsby, our learning management platform, to facilitate communication and share academic milestones and resources. This platform allows parents to access real-time updates on their child's performance and gain clarity on upcoming projects or tests.