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Study In-Person

Blyth Academy is the largest network of private high schools in Canada. With eight physical campuses and two virtual schools, we create a unique opportunity for Grades 4 to 12 to reach their fullest potential, and ultimately shape the world.

Each campus is designed to be a community of 75-150 students with average class sizes of 12 students per class. Blyth Academy offers a comprehensive full-time program, as well as night school, private courses, and summer school.

2024-25 Academic Year: registration is now open! Request a call-back from Admissions to learn more.

We deliver the curriculum set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education, but what sets us apart is our ability to tailor education to the individual student. Our carefully curated individualized structure allows our guidance teams and teachers to consider each student’s learning style and areas of interest when customizing an academic plan unique to them.

Mental Health: learn about how Blyth Academy is tackling student mental health post-Covid here.


We are Ontario Ministry inspected and adhere to all provincial standards, including the provision of an Ontario Provincial Report Card and official transcripts to post-secondary institutions.

Benefits of In-Person Learning with Blyth Academy

Small Class Sizes

Our classes have an average size of 12 students, allowing teachers to spend significant individualized time with each student. There’s no “back row” in classrooms this small. Students are more comfortable speaking up in this environment.

Four-Term Structure

We’ve been running quadmesters for over 10 years with great success. This four-term structure focuses on two subjects per term, promoting a deeper understanding of subjects in addition to creating the flexibility for students to join Blyth Academy at any term during the school year.

Robust University Preparation

Preparation for post-secondary education is the primary focus with increased attention on critical thinking, interpreting information, independent learning, and active participation in classes and activities. Our strong guidance department works with each student to define their pathway.

In-Person Programs

Full-Time Programs

We offer a comprehensive full-time program for Grades 4 - 12. Students studying with us for the full year benefit from our targeted programs for specific years: Elementary & Middle School, LaunchPad, and Post-Secondary PreparationTerm by Term Options and specialty programs are available as well.

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Part-Time Programs

Blyth Academy offers a variety of part-time programs for students to earn a single credit or have the opportunity to take multiple courses, while still keeping their Ontario Student Record at their homeschool. Part-time programs include Night School, Summer School, and Private Courses.


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Elite Athletics

Full-time students at Blyth Academy may take part in several athletic skills training programs while benefitting from our flexible school schedules, meeting both their academic and athletic needs. Whether you are looking to study and train in school or simply looking to complete high school, Blyth Academy can accommodate your athletic schedule. We have developed elite athletic programs that integrate advanced sports training with academic study.  

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Speak to an Admissions Advisor for more information about our school or how to apply.