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Blyth Academy to Merge with NACE Schools Group

Blyth Academy to Merge with NACE Schools Group

I am writing to let you know that Blyth Academy has recently agreed to a merger with the NACE Schools Group.

This will bring together two high quality, successful organizations to create one of the largest and best private school groups in the world. With 37 schools in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and India, which includes some of the world’s very best international schools, NACE provides Bilingual National, IB and GCSE/A level programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to university-bound students. Together with Blyth Academy schools in Canada, Italy, and Qatar the combined organization will own and operate 57 schools with more than 18,000 students and provide a plethora of opportunities for students, faculty and staff alike.

I am happy to let you know that the senior management at Blyth Academy will remain intact and that I will be taking on the role of Chairman of Blyth Academy and Patrick Shaw, our longtime President, will become CEO. Blyth Academy will continue to be the school that you know and have supported, albeit now with access to a huge network of sister schools in Europe and India. Our academic model of small class sizes and experiential learning will not change, nor will the Blyth Academy brand or name. I am deeply grateful to the faculty, staff, and you, our supporters, who have been crucial to Blyth Academy’s success and made the last 42 years so enjoyable.

I will continue to own and operate Blyth Academy China and Vietnam and am pleased to say that John (Temp) Keller will now own and operate Blyth-Templeton Academy in the USA.

I am delighted to join forces with NACE Schools and to provide this generation of our students and the next with access to their high-quality global education. They share all our values including a highly personalized, experiential education within an empathetic environment. Please click here for more information about NACE Schools, and here for an outline of Blyth Academy’s expansions since its inception in 1977.

“We are delighted to have Blyth join the NACE Schools family. NACE Schools’ mission is to prepare each student to live successfully in a globalized world. As such, being part of NACE School network is of great value to our students. This combination will allow Blyth access to shared international best practice and generate and implement innovative ideas. This will also help us jointly improve performance both in academic and non-academic realms. We look forward to exploring all the possibilities that this exciting opportunity can provide,” says Sergio Gonzalez Andion, CEO, NACE Schools.

I can be reached at and you are, of course, welcome to talk to your school heads, staff and faculty.

With best wishes,

Sam Blyth Signature
Sam Blyth, MA (Cambridge)
Chair and CEO, Blyth Academy