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We Are No Longer Offering In-Person Learning

Join us at our Teacher-Led Virtual Classrooms with Blyth Academy Orbit

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Our Campus has gone Virtual

Blyth Academy Waterloo will no longer offer in-person learning beginning September 2022.
Blyth Academy stays committed to offering our Waterloo families in-class education options through either our teacher-led virtual campus Blyth Academy Orbit, and our nearest in-person campus Blyth Academy Burlington.

Click here to learn more about the closure from Blyth Academy CEO Jonathan Harm.

Our Other Campuses

Orbit - Virtual Classrooms

Our campus operates in the virtual space, but our signature small class sizes, personalized learning, and rigorous academics are all in effect, which opens up possibilities for students in Grades 7 to 12, near and far, to take part in our programming without the need to be present in our physical classrooms.

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Our campuses approach is designed to fully engage students in the academic process with a genuine learning experience founded upon curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking. Our campus is known for its elite athletics and offers Advanced Sports Training for athletes in partnership with Conacher Athletics.

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Message from the CEO

Dear Students and Parents of Blyth Academy Waterloo,   

Providing quality education is the foundation of Blyth Academy and the facilities that house our campuses play an important role.  
The lease at our current Blyth Academy School facility finishes at the end of the current school year. With low enrolment we have taken the difficult decision to close our Waterloo campus. We will run as normal through the end of the current academic year (June, 2022) with no disruption to students. We are very proud of what Blyth Academy Waterloo has accomplished and grateful for the community support. 
Students will be advised of these changes during an assembly planned for tomorrow morning, Friday, February 11.  Parents are invited to contact Alex with any questions. We will work to help families determine the best possible option for their child moving forward. Blyth Academy Orbit, Blyth Academy Online or even another campus may be an option for some students. We will do the same with our teachers and staff.   
We are committed to ensuring a strong finish of this academic year for all of our students and staff. Graduation ceremonies for our grade 12 students will continue as planned. 

We want to thank all of our Waterloo families and the entire Waterloo community for supporting Blyth Academy over the past years.  
Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Harms
CEO, Blyth Academy


How will I be impacted?   
Blyth Academy Waterloo will run as normal through the end of the current academic year (June, 2022) with no disruption to students. We will work with each student on an individual basis to ensure the best possible transition for September, whether that be into one of our other campuses, through Blyth Academy Orbit, Blyth Academy Online, or otherwise. 

Is there another option to study at Blyth Academy? 
Blyth Academy Orbit and Blyth Academy Online are available for students who are interested in either a synchronous or asynchronous virtual learning environment. If it is feasible for a student to travel to another in-person campus, Blyth Academy is able to offer a 15% discount on tuition.  

Is Summer School being offered?  
Blyth Academy Waterloo will be closed effective June 30, 2022, which means we will not be offering in-person summer school. However, summer school is available virtually through Blyth Academy Orbit.

What will happen if I have already registered for the upcoming academic year?
Any student who has already registered for next year will be provided with a full refund.

Where will my teachers be going?  
Blyth Academy is committed to working with all faculty and staff to help them secure positions for the 2022/23 academic year.


Speak to an Admissions Advisor for more information about our campuses or how to apply.