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Tuition and Fees: 2024 - 25

👀 Attending class virtually? You're in the right place - Blyth Academy Orbit offers live virtual schooling through our full-time and part-time programs.

Our fee structure caters to various learning paths. Students can choose between full-time studies and part-time options, including Virtual Night School, Virtual Summer School, and Private Courses. Interested families may also consider our Instalment Plan, featuring five (5) convenient bi-monthly payments.

Full-Time Studies Part-Time Studies 

Full-Time Studies.
Full-Year and Term-by-Term.

Our full-time studies fee structure accommodates both Full-Year and Term-by-Term students. Full-Year students engage in Blyth Academy's signature quadmester system, commencing their academic year in September and concluding in late June. Term-by-Term students have the flexibility to begin their Blyth Academy experience at any point during the year, with the choice to enrol in one or two courses per quadmester.

Part-Time Studies.
Virtual Night School, Virtual Summer School, and Private Courses.

Alongside our full-time programs, we offer versatile part-time options for those wanting to make the most of their secondary education journey. Enrol in Blyth Academy Virtual Night School that complements home schooling, offering credit advancement and personalized teaching. Consider Virtual Summer School, featuring intensive month-long courses. Or look into Private Courses providing truly individualized support.

A few more things to go over:

 All Tuition & Fees listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
 A domestic student is defined as a student who is either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
 An international student is defined as a student who is neither a Canadian Citizen nor Permanent Resident.
 International full-time program application fee of $250 is a non-refundable charge.
 Tuition paid is refundable if the visa is refused and the refusal letter is presented.
 Full-year students may enroll in part-time programs at an additional fee.
 Students may transfer their courses to another program at an additional transfer fee.
 Full-year students are not permitted to substitute full-time courses for part-time courses.
 To enrol in the instalment plan you must both pay the application fee (if applicable) and advanced tuition deposit.
 We may impose a surcharge on credit cards that is not greater than our cost of acceptance.
  Other Terms & Conditions may apply.

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