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About Our Virtual Campus


Blyth Academy Orbit

Blyth Academy Orbit is our newest campus, which revolves around the same principles and academic structure as our physical schools, but it operates in the virtual space. Our signature small class sizes, personalized learning, and rigorous academics are all in effect at Blyth Academy Orbit, which opens up possibilities for students in grades 9 to 12, near and far, to take part in our programming without the need to be present in our physical classrooms. Learning is 100% virtual and available world-wide, from anywhere there is WIFI.

At Blyth Academy Orbit, we conduct live, teacher-led classes through our virtual classrooms. Students attend lessons with their classmates at regularly scheduled times during traditional school hours. Class discussions, break out groups, and testing are all conducted in our virtual space, while relationships with teachers and classmates are nurtured through office hours, group projects, and virtual student clubs. Blyth Academy Orbit offers all of the benefits of our physical campuses from the comfort of your home.

Elite Athletes

Blyth Academy Orbit offers elite athletes the flexibility and the academic preparation they need to reach the next level of their sport. Teachers and staff are experienced in working with elite athletes and are prepared to provide the necessary amount of support. We work with each individual student to ensure that they are able to reach their academic goals while maintaining their athletic commitments.

Sample Timetable
Period 1: 8:40am to 10:55am
Period 2: 11:00am to 1:15pm

  • Grades 9 - 12
  • Live face-to-face classes in virtual classrooms
  • Ontario secondary school curriculum
  • Average class size of 12 students
  • Full-time and night school programs available
  • Virtual student clubs
  • Regular guidance interaction
  • Blyth Academy-wide events: triathlon, volleyball, Model UN, prom
  • Weekly teacher updates to parents
  • 24/7 access to grading and course content through Edsby



Message From the Principal

At Blyth Academy, we know our students. With an average class size of 12, and youthful, engaging teachers who motivate and inspire, the roles of student and teacher are as collaborative partners in discussion or exploration. It is an entirely different model than one in which the teacher teaches and students are left to find ways to engage. Our young learners are active and acquiring knowledge themselves; very much empowered in understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ over the ‘what’ of education.

Kristy Larose 
Principal, Blyth Academy Orbit

What Makes Our Campus Unique?

Our faculty is highly engaged and fosters strong student-teacher relationships through virtual one-on-one engagements, in-class discussions, and teacher office hours. We understand the importance of social connections and make every effort to liven our students’ high school experience with virtual student clubs, virtual school assemblies, and participation in Blyth Academy-wide events.

We prepare students for success at the post-secondary level through a full offering of core, university-level courses, and a wide range of electives. This gives students the freedom to expand and explore their interests as they prepare for the future.

Open communication between parents and teachers is an important part of our academic process. Updates on attendance are provided regularly and communication about courses, grades, and individual progress flows throughout the school year through our Edsby platform.

Teachers who inspire young minds.
And nurture academic growth.

Dedicated to igniting young intellects and fostering academic advancement, our educators are driven by a passion for cultivating knowledge and propelling students toward their full potential.

Leaders who defy limits.
And inspire success.

Introducing new Heads of Department for mathematics, science, English, and instruction. By leading the way, they are ready to drive curriculum development, mentor staff, and promote exemplary teaching practices for student growth.

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Our Team

Kristy Larose

Andrew Hall
Guidance Counsellor

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We are Ontario Ministry inspected and adhere to all provincial standards. BSID #665205