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Open Pathways Program

exterior look of Blyth Academy Mississauga campus

Focused Academic Achievement

Blyth Academy Mississauga is offering a supportive academic program for Grades 9-12 starting in September 2021. Located in the beautiful Adamson Estate on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Blyth Academy Mississauga Open Pathways Program will provide a relaxed, personal and supportive environment for students seeking more options in completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This program model runs on a semester system to better provide learners more time with subject matter in both Applied and Academic courses.

Small class setting, relaxed atmosphere, flexible day

Semester courses with access to both applied and academic levels

Supportive learning structure with high expectations

teacher tutoring student's work in the classroom

Homeroom Style Approach to High School

Students are assigned to a teacher who is responsible for their overall achievement, check-ins and communication with home. 

student hard working on the assignment

Flexible Delivery Model of Courses

The semester model allows for proper supports and ample time for students to engage and learn course materials. 

colourful stickers on the campus wall

Cross-Curricular Approach

Students can gain knowledge of outcomes in different subject areas through assignments that touch on more than one subject matter. Ex: A history paper will expand knowledge and skill sets in both History and English. 

students graduation ceremony in the campus

Differentiated Course Offerings

Access to courses at the Applied and College level, including co-op and trades, opens pathways for students in need of extra academic support. 

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