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Q&A with Blyth Academy Mississauga Teacher Ms. Sarah Motz

Q&A with Blyth Academy Mississauga Teacher Ms. Sarah Motz

Meet Ms. Sarah Motz!

  • Years in Education: 10 
  • Years at Blyth Academy:

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I grew up in Mississauga and moved away for the first time when I went to university. I received my Bachelors of Arts at Brock University and went to teacher’s college at Queens, but ended up back in Mississauga when I finished. I enjoy going up north to my cottage in the summer, and my favourite things are dogs, music, TV, and reading.  

What/who inspired you to become a teacher? 

I have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of fantastic teachers help guide me into my role of teaching. My Grade 10 history teacher will always be one who stands out in my mind as someone that never gave up on me, and that passion is something I try to translate to my students as well.  

If someone walked into your classroom tomorrow, what would they see, hear, and feel? 

If someone were to walk into my class, they’d see laughter and smiles; students accepting and learning from one another through discourse. 

What is one of your favourite memories as a teacher? 

There are so many! I don’t know how I could choose just one. However, there is nothing like having a student coming to thank you for who you are and what you do. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into teaching, so when you’re acknowledged by a student, especially, there’s nothing like it. 

What is most rewarding about being a teacher? 

The most rewarding thing is being able to make a difference in my students’ lives. I love to see the look on their faces when they finally have that “lightbulb” moment, and everything clicks. 

What is one skill you think every student should learn? 

I think every student should learn how to develop a passion for reading. It doesn’t matter the genre, but to be able to get lost in a good book can be such an enraptured feeling.  

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Blyth Academy Mississauga is a private school with a newly designed Lakeshore campus in the heart of Port Credit. Our campus offers Grades 9-12 and focuses on small class sizes with individualized attention. 

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