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A Letter From Your Principal

Hello Families,

First, I want to say how utterly impressed I am with the engagement level of our students this week. It is not easy to transition from a regular school environment to a virtual classroom, and our students have done this with impressive ease. I am happy to report that yesterday we had 100% attendance in periods one and two, which is amazing!

Our leadership team has been joining the virtual classrooms all week to check in on students, monitor progress, and offer support if needed. There are so many creative and wonderful things going on in all of our classes., but I wanted to share a few that I managed to get.

Virtual Learning
Ms. Wilson’s class has been showcasing strong collaboration – as students do their individual presentations and discuss their topics as a class.

Ms. D’Amato’s math class has been practicing quadrants – turning their ZOOM sharing screen into a live whiteboard.

Mr. Chaudhari’s students’ showcased that grade 10 math is nothing to fear when you are surrounded by the comfort of your home.

As always, we are here for our students every step of the way and will continue to do all that we can to ensure that their academics remain rigorous, while they continue to receive the personal and individualized attention and support they have come to know and expect from our Blyth Academy approach and small class sizes. This is a challenging time for many, especially teenagers and our high school students, it is important to try to connect with each other virtually and continue to be there for our friends and families while staying safe and keeping our distance.

In the coming weeks we are going to start bringing our students some community building activities, creative student life activities, and some other fun initiatives to help bring us together and work to create positivity. We have heard from Doug Ford that schools will not be back in session on April 6th, however, no return date has been provided. We will anticipate that term three will conclude in a virtual setting and term four will begin in the same manner. We will communicate exam procedures and expectations in the coming days.

Please feel free to reach out anytime to our admin/guidance team or teaching faculty.

We are all in this together.

Jennifer Quong