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Why we value teachers as subject matter experts

How Engaging Content and Passionate Teachers Leads to Academic Success 

When teachers teach what they love and share what they know, they open the eyes, minds, and hearts of students and encourage them to explore the unknown. 

“I really appreciate the teachers at Blyth Academy,” said Blyth Academy Mississauga Grade 12 student, Carter A. “At my previous schools only one or two teachers would stand out as great, but here they are all incredibly good. I think the teachers being passionate about their subjects allows them to teach without having to deal with a subject they do not care about as it would be at a public school.” 

Blyth Academy private secondary school teachers are hand selected for their experience as subject matter experts in their field because they bring the enthusiasm needed to motivate and engage our students. Among our teachers are neuroscientists, math elites, published writers, and acclaimed photographers. With this level of expertise, students are shown new ways of interacting with subjects, how to apply ideas to their everyday lives, and ways to better the world. When learning is fun, it opens the doors to deeper discussions and a pathway to better teacher-student communication. 

“Classes feel more like a discussion rather than a lecture. The less intimidating atmosphere makes approaching teachers easy for extra help or general questions,” said Carter A. 

Our teachers dive deep into their subjects which leads to opportunities for hands-on learning and one-on-one experiences with the subject matter. A lab experiment, robotics challenge, reenactment of Shakespeare, or mock trial are all examples of how our teachers engage with students. This often sparks new interests that flow outside of the classroom and into other learning environments. 

“Science club has been a lot of fun with a teacher who really cares about the subject,” said Carter A. “We can do experiments that we are curious about and learn about things that interest us.” 

This in turn translates further into better understanding of course material which results in improved grades and higher academic success. 

“The grades that my children received are the result of the in-depth learning,” says Bennet C., parent at Blyth Academy Mississauga. “The teachers are very dedicated to ensure the students are learning and successful.” 

This in-depth learning helps students find their paths for higher education. Something Bennet C. has seen firsthand with his children. 

“Two of my children are now studying engineering at the University of Waterloo and both have an overall average of about 85%. They have been able to build their university learning upon the strong foundation from Blyth Academy.” 

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