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About Our Campus

Blyth Academy Mississauga

Blyth Academy Mississauga is a private school with a newly designed Lakeshore campus in the heart of Port Credit. Our campus offers Grades 9-12 and focuses on small class sizes with individualized attention. We offer an academic experience that is significantly different from other private and public schools. Our approach is designed to fully engage the students in the academic process with a genuine learning experience founded upon curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking. Our new Lakeshore campus offers students a bright and modern place to learn and grow with sleek classrooms, labs and common areas designed to inspire young minds. We offer an environment where we can meet our students' needs by providing access to full guidance support for academics, university and college applications, and course selection and achievement.

Blyth Academy Mississauga is a community of diverse and committed students, teachers, and parents. We provide an intimate educational environment sensitive to the individual needs of its students, where academic and emotional needs are met, and where every family is a fundamental partner in the school community.

  • Grades 9 - 12  
  • Average class size of 12
  • 9 classrooms and 2 student commons 
  • Science Lab, Student Center, access to public park and nearby student amenities
  • Official DECA chapter member for students to compete in marketing, business, finance, and management cases and exams.
  • Personalized timetabling for in-person and virtual classes
  • Multiple experiential learning opportunities on and off campus with field trips and guest speakers
  • ROPSSAA affiliated school sporting competitions in tennis, track and field, volleyball, and others.



Message From the Principal

Welcome to Blyth Academy Mississauga, a community of diverse and committed students, teachers, and parents, located in the heart of Port Credit.  We pride ourselves on providing an intimate educational environment that is differentiated to everyone’s learning styles. In conjunction with delivering academic rigor and offering unique extracurriculars, we take great care in fully understanding each pupil’s profile; a student is more than just a name or a number. Our teachers, guidance counsellors, and administrators hold students to high standards while working to ensure that every individual’s needs are met academically, socially, and emotionally. Lastly, every family is a fundamental partner in our school community. We have strong ties with parents and guardians, as connection and communication are very important to student success.

I am committed to preparing our students with rigor, self-advocacy, curiosity, kindness, and social/life skills as they move on to the post-secondary level and beyond. I welcome the opportunity to discuss our school’s vision, and further explore how Blyth Academy Mississauga can be the inspiring high school program you’re looking for.

Nicholas Catania
Principal, Blyth Academy Mississauga

What Makes Our Campus Unique?

Our students are a diverse group of motivated, polite, and respectable young adults that work together to create a caring community. Biology class by the lake, art class at an art gallery, and political studies at city hall are learning opportunities you can’t have sitting at a desk. Success rates show that learning through experience encourages curiosity, develops high levels of participation, and creates a deeper connection to course material. We firmly believe that experiential learning beyond the classroom walls creates an enhanced connection to the community as well as the people and places within it.

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Our students care for the future.
Setting the standard for sustainability education.

Blyth Academy is a part of Globeducate's group-wide commitment to creating eco-friendly schools. All Blyth Academy campuses have achieved Certified Eco School status, and our Etobicoke, Burlington, and Lawrence Park campuses have reached Gold Certification through initiatives supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.


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Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Sarah Motz

"The most rewarding thing for me is being able to make a difference in my students’ lives. I love to see the look on their faces when they finally have that “lightbulb” moment, and everything clicks."

Q. What/Who inspired you to become a teacher?
I have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of fantastic teachers help guide me into my role of teaching. My Grade 10 history teacher will always be one who stands out in my mind as someone that never gave up on me, and that passion is something I try to translate to my students as well.  

Meet Ms. Motz



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    When teachers teach what they love and share what they know, they open the eyes, minds, and hearts of students and encourage them to explore the unknown. “I really appreciate the teachers at Blyth Academy,” said Blyth Academy Mississauga Grade 12 student, Carter A. “At my previous schools only one or two teachers would stand out as great, but here they are all incredibly good. I think the teachers being passionate about their subjects allows them to teach without having to deal with..."

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