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A Letter From Your Principal

A Letter From Your Principal

Hello Blyth Academy Families,

I have to tell you that the highlight of each of my days this week was popping into the Virtual Classrooms and seeing the smiling faces of your sons and daughters. I truly hope that being with their teachers and classmates provided your kids with some sense of normalcy and purpose for their days. Additionally, I cannot give higher praise for our amazing teachers who have taken the ball and run with it. Just this first week, I have seen students solving difficult math equations together, giving presentations, going on virtual scavenger hunts, engaging in a class talent show, reading Shakespeare together, listening intently to lessons, sharing ideas to solve technical glitches, engaging in oral assessments, and the list goes on and on. This is all because of the dedicated teachers that we have.



There are no substantive updates to share with you at this time. It is appearing more and more likely that we will not be returning to the campus on April 6. However, no decision has been made yet. What this means is that we are currently working hard to determine the best way to administer final exams for term 3 and making some edits to the term four course calendar.

In closing, I just ask that you all stay safe, keep others safe, and count your many, many blessings. We are all in this together.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sheila Robitaille