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Teacher Spotlight
Meet Mr. Toluwa Fayemi .

Toluwa Fayemi earned his BSc in Physics and Astronomy from Western University, then pursued postgraduate studies in Computer Science and Physics at Toronto Metropolitan University. As a science communicator, he was a writer and science advisor on the Hulu VR documentary feature 'A Curious Mind with Dominic Monaghan' and presented research into the use of additive manufacturing aboard the International Space Station on behalf of 3D4MD. As a research fellow with 3D4MD, he built medical databases for global conflict zones (particularly Yemen) and conducted further research into additive manufacturing and 3D Topography at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah. During his time as an Ivey/Morrisette Junior Fellow at Western University, Fayemi served as an advisor, mentor, and judge for the AInnovation and Dataquest A.I technology competitions and an instructor in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

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Years in Education: 4

Years at Blyth Academy: 1

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