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Ontario In-Person Classes Update | Lawrence Park

Ontario In-Person Classes Update | Lawrence Park

Hello out there, you wonderful Blyth LP Community!

You almost made it through a Winter Break weekday without an email from me, but not quite…

As all likely know, under the newly announced lockdown, secondary schools in Ontario will need to remain physically closed until January 25th

We are well prepared for this, as we have been providing virtual (still personalized and interactive) class options throughout the year. On January 4th, we will resume classes in this virtual format for all students, and we look forward to returning to our physical classrooms on January 25th. Classes will run on the following schedule on Zoom without interruption over that 3-week period in January:

Period 1 daily: 930-11am

Period 2 daily: 11am – 12:30pm

Period 3 daily: 1:30pm – 3pm

*For each period, we reserve a 30 minute window before period 1 and after periods 2 and 3 for needed class extension, small-group or 1:1 support, etc.

Teachers will, as usual, issue specific instructions for their classes when we get closer to Jan 4th.

We greatly appreciate your resilience, cooperation and understanding through these trying times. Please feel free to contact me here; I will be checking emails regularly over the holidays.

Best to all!

Luke Coles
Blyth Lawrence Park