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How parent to teacher communication leads to confident students

How parent to teacher communication leads to confident students

The lines of communication are always open at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park. Parents play an important role in their children’s academic story and the teaching staff makes sure that they are regularly in contact about grades, assignments, and overall performance. 

“I know exactly how my son is doing because grades are posted for me to see and it keeps him accountable,” said Carrie W. who spoke about her son in Grade 9. “The school is more on the ball with the student’s individual needs and always keeps parents in the loop." 

When parents are informed, it encourages students to push themselves and be accountable for their efforts. It keeps them working hard every day and gives them the work ethic and confidence to succeed, which they carry with them into post-secondary and beyond. 

“The teachers have really encouraged my daughter to be an independent worker. They have helped her overcome some gaps in her learning,” said Anthony C. when speaking about his daughter in Grade 12. “Six months ago, graduating high school did not seem like a sure thing. Now she is applying to eight different university programs. Blyth Academy played a significant role in this positive change.” 

Our students are given autonomy over their work, they build relationships with their teachers where they can be their own ambassadors and reach out for help when they need it.  They feel the responsibility to complete their assignments and even push themselves in ways they may have never explored. 

“My daughter’s confidence has grown and she is more comfortable expressing her opinion. Blyth Academy  has given her a chance to explore and develop new interests and skills. She has become a strong student. She will be able to successfully move to the next stage of her life thanks to Blyth Academy. They have set her up for success for whatever happens next - she has developed a strong work ethic that she can carry forward,” said Elizabeth S., parent. 

Providing students with the life skills to advocate for themselves, to take ownership of their work and to have the confidence to do it is something we strive for every day. Our students push themselves to explore new interests and avenues with the support of our teaching and guidance staff. 

“One incorrect assumption is that Blyth Academy is an easy school. I am always quick to correct people when I hear these ideas!” said Patrick and Michelle M., parents of a Grade 12 student. “Our daughter has taken interesting courses and joined fun, interesting clubs. Her teachers have been enthusiastic, caring, supportive, and the personal support is excellent and a key differentiator from her previous schooling.”


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