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Teacher Spotlight
Meet Mr. Jeff Nault.

Hi, I'm Jeff. I make my home in downtown Toronto but I was born far north of here in Sudbury. My hometown is famous for its nickel mining industry, and as a byproduct of the mining, the landscape around Sudbury took on a bleak rocky look in the 1970s due to pollution. The result was a terrain that looked so much like the moon that NASA astronauts actually performed training exercises around the Sudbury basin. I blasted off from my lunar origins and landed in Toronto, specifically at the University of Toronto, in order to pursue a degree in history and anthropology. History is still my first love, and I look forward to teaching Blyth students about the past in the near future.

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Years in Education: 6

Years at Blyth Academy: 6

Our Teachers
Meet other exceptional educators.

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