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Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

Where you learn matters. 

Blyth Academy Lawrence Park is a small, private high school dedicated to providing a personalized educational experience for a diverse group of students. Welcoming, rigorous, engaging and passionate, we make connections in and out of the classroom which provide students with foundations for growth, happiness, and success.

7 - 12
Student Body
Average Class Size
University Entry

World-class education that gets our graduates noticed.


Blyth Academy Lawrence Park is Ontario Ministry-inspected and adheres to all provincial standards.
BSID #669998

"It's hard to imagine a school better suited to our time and the needs of the current generation of learners."
- Our Kids -

Message from the Principal
Preparing students to become global citizens.

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Michael Booth
Principal, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

Our school is dedicated to highly personalized and engaging learning in a welcoming environment. We work closely with students and families to support each student’s unique journey.

With an average class size of 12, we offer learning opportunities in which individual needs are appreciated, while interests discovered, engaged, and stimulated. Our classrooms and hallways are populated by a diverse group of students and staff who develop meaningful connections with the community. Our remarkable faculty promotes active, rigorous academic development which lays foundations for post-secondary life. We are committed to ongoing communication with families, with whom we partner to ensure students’ happiness and success.


Destined to transform your child's future.

At Blyth Academy, we don't just teach; we empower students to excel. Our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, coupled with our highly professional faculty, prepares your child for a bright university future. With small class sizes, we tailor education to individual learning styles, ensuring every student thrives and is prepared for unparalleled academic achievement and boundless developmental opportunities.

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World-Class Programming
Boost academic and character excellence.

We designed our rigorous programs to provide a challenging yet supportive environment, helping your child progress steadily towards success.

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Attentive Teachers
Experience truly personalized learning.

Our educators craft individualized pathways tailored to your child's unique strengths and goals, making every day a step closer to their goals.

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Professional Guidance
Benefit from one-on-one support.

Your child's journey at Blyth Academy is marked by unwavering assistance from our guidance staff, helping them navigate academic and personal challenges with ease.

Post-Secondary Prep
Prepare for university success.

We prioritize communication with families that is frequent and fulsome. Parents and guardians are updated bi-weekly in each course via email, and, more importantly, at any signs of interest or concern. Our Edsby learning platform provides access to class progress and resources, as well as grades. Teachers and administrators respond to queries on the same day and are never more than a phone call away.

Meet our community partners.

Dedicated to nurturing academic growth.

Committed to igniting young intellects and fostering academic advancement, our educators are driven by a passion for cultivating knowledge and propelling students toward their full potential.

Pioneering the successful school model.

Did you know that Blyth Academy has a track record spanning over 15 years of successfully running quadmesters with several* intake periods per academic year? Through our signature quadmester structure, students can take two courses for ten weeks, accommodating travel, sports, or other academic commitments. This tailored approach allows them to delve deeper into subjects, develop a better understanding of the curriculum, and have better success in their courses.

Sept - Nov
Term One
Nov - Jan
Term Two
Jan - Apr
Term Three
Apr - Jun
Term Four

*High school students can join us at any of our four entry points throughout the academic year, and elementary students can join us at any time during the school year, space permitting.

Heads of Departments
Leading academic integrity.

We take the quality of our educational programs seriously, which is why we’ve appointed Heads of Departments for mathematics, science, English, and instruction. These department heads play a pivotal role in curriculum development, staff mentoring, and fostering outstanding teaching practices to facilitate student growth.

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Discover how we inspire a love for learning and individual growth, meet our passionate staff, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that defines Blyth Academy Burlington. We can't wait to welcome you to our campus!

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Campus Life
Celebrating uniqueness and fostering individuality.

From dynamic clubs and activities to engaging classroom experiences, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park is an immersive environment where diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents are celebrated, and every passion finds its canvas.

Our Students
The proof is in the pudding.

At Blyth Academy, we pride ourselves on raising a new generation of students willing to go beyond the status quo. These bright minds work tirelessly to achieve great results and it is our academic promise to support them along the way, be it through ongoing check-ins, extensive extra help, or supportive and encouraging staff.

It's about more than just going to class.

With a number of exciting opportunities ranging from on-campus clubs and events to community work and even international travel, our students are always engaged and motivated to explore beyond the basics of Ontario curriculum. They are able to learn from their teacher-mentors and take on leadership roles within student initiatives, developing their peer relationships and leadership skills. 

...the teachers are approachable...

From a parent's perspective, the teachers are approachable and happy to communicate honestly and directly. They set expectations for the students and encourage them from the outset. They will guide the parent to help the child.

Vanita J.

...superior learning outcomes...

Our sons have gotten the personalized attention they needed to flourish. We like the design of the program whereby students focus on two topics at a time with an intense immersion. We believe this provides superior learning outcomes for our children.

Stewart C.

...happy to go to school...

Blyth has been amazing, smaller class sizes, super engaged teachers and staff have made all the difference. Our daughter has made friends and is happy to go to school, no more morning arguments about hating school.


Let's get you off to a good start.

To make it easier, we've created a simple 3-step process to make the most of your time on our website. Start with reviewing the general admissions process to get an idea of what the Admissions requirements are. Then, review our tuition and fees. And lastly, make sure to explore how your family can benefit from our Scholarships & Financial Aid program.

How do I apply?

Our Admissions process is simple and straightforward. First, get in touch with our Admissions Advisors to discuss your unique needs. Then, proceed with a mandatory principal interview to assess the campus fit. And finally, make all the necessary financial arrangements to officially start your Blyth Academy journey.

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How much is the investment?

Believe it or not, but entry to private education can be affordable to many. On top of this, we're committed to transparent pricing and no hidden fee surprises. To see this for yourself, please take a moment to get familiar with this year's tuition fees below.

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Do you award scholarships & financial aid?

We most definitely do! In fact, it's our mission to support students' academic journeys based on their unique needs and talents, financially or otherwise. Make sure to see how Blyth Academy can help your family unlock opportunities and get a step closer to world-class education.

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Academic Delivery
We deliver the most flexible education in Canada.

Thanks to our signature quadmester approach, your child can start their Blyth Academy journey at any point throughout the school year. Interested in starting with us from day one? We'd love to welcome you as our Full-Year student. Considering switching schools or taking on some extra credit courses mid-year? Our Term-by-Term and Part-Time programs are your best options on the market.

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Most Popular
Discover Full-Year programs.

Blyth Academy's most comprehensive full-time offering designed for Grades 9 - 12. Study with us for the full year to benefit from our targeted programs for specific grades: the LaunchPad Program in Grades 9 & 10, and the Post-Secondary Preparation Program in Grades 11 & 12!

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Most Flexible
Explore Term-by-Term programs.

Choose to start in September, November, February, or April. With four intake periods during a school year, this Term-by-Term option allows for unparalleled flexibility for students who want to try us out or are looking for extra credits in a gap year.

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Most Versatile
Consider Part-Time options.

For families looking to maintain registration with their home school while benefiting from our small class sizes and personalized approach. Consider Night School for evening classes during the academic year or Summer School for experiential learning in the summer months.

→ Discover Night School
→ Discover Summer School

Campus Location
We're closer than you think.

Located at 2660 Yonge St, we're a short bus ride away from Eglinton subway station and a ten-minute walk away from Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. You can always reach our friendly reception desk at (416) 488-9301 or click here to send us your email.

Ready to Join?
Start your registration process today!

To begin your child's academic journey with Blyth Academy, please speak with one of our excellent Admissions Advisors. They will help you determine the right course of action, schedule a campus tour, answer any remaining questions, and so much more!

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Let's review a few things.

Private Education 101
What we are and what we are not.

Nearby Campuses
We are one big family of schools.

Being the largest network of private schools in Canada, we have eight campuses for you to pick from, each with their distinct culture. Here are the three nearest campuses to Blyth Academy Lawrence Park you may want to consider.

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2489 Bloor St West
Blyth Academy Etobicoke

Offering Grades 9 - 12 academics through Blyth Academy's signature quadmester approach.

→ Discover Campus
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75 Carl Hall Rd
Blyth Academy Downsview Park

Helping elite student-athletes in Grades 4 - 12 maximize their education while developing peak performance.

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Live Virtual
Blyth Academy Orbit

Delivering renowned Blyth Academy education remotely to Grades 9 - 12 students from around the globe.

→ Discover Campus