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Blyth Academy Etobicoke is a private school offering experiential private education for students in Grades 9 – 12 in Toronto’s west end. We offer an academic experience that is significantly different from other private and public schools. Our approach is designed to fully engage students in the academic process with a genuine learning experience founded upon curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking. Benefiting from our access to local amenities like High Park, the Old Mill trails, and Humber River, within minutes students can be in a green space partaking in outdoor education experiences or at a world-renowned gallery or museum.

2023-24 Academic Year: registration is now open! Request a call-back from Admissions to learn more.

We are Ontario Ministry-inspected and adhere to all provincial standards.
BSID #669629

Small Class Sizes

Our classes have an average size of 12 students, allowing teachers to spend significant individualized time with each student. There’s no “back row” in classrooms this small. Students are more comfortable speaking up in this environment.

Four-Term Structure

We’ve been running quadmesters for over 10 years with great success. This four-term structure focuses on two subjects per term, promoting a deeper understanding of subjects in addition to creating the flexibility for students to join Blyth Academy at any term during the school year.

Robust University Preparation

Preparation for post-secondary education is the primary focus with increased attention on critical thinking, interpreting information, independent learning, and active participation in classes and activities. Our strong guidance department works with each student to define their pathway.

Request a call-back from Admissions to learn about our 2023-24 enrolment process.

Join our next Open House to learn about our programs and admissions process.

Ways to Learn

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Full-Year Programs

We offer a comprehensive full-time program for Grades 9-12. Students studying with us for the full year benefit from our targeted programs for specific grades: the LaunchPad Program in Grades 9 & 10, and the Post-Secondary Preparation Program in Grades 11 & 12.

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Term by Term Options

We have four intake periods during our school year to make starting at Blyth Academy as flexible as possible (September, November, February, April). This is possible due to our quadmester structure (four terms) which allows for flexibility for students who want to try us out or who are looking for extra credits in a gap year.

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Night School

Night School allows students to maintain registration with their home school while benefitting from our small class sizes and personalized approach.

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Summer School

Summer School offers highly personalized and experiential learning that enhances student's education and sets them up for a successful fall semester.

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Private Courses

Private Studies provide students in Grades 9 – 12 with a one-on-one learning experience in which teachers tailor the lessons to the needs and schedule of the individual student.

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University Success


of Blyth Academy students are accepted into post-secondary programs


of Blyth Academy students are accepted to their top choice college or university


of Blyth Academy students receive partial or full scholarships to post-secondary institutions

Sports & Extracurriculars

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Clubs & Extracurriculars

Our students are connected to the school not only through academics but also through extra-curricular activities and school events, and they drive what happens here. Popular clubs include the Eco Team, Model UN, Student Council, Yoga and Meditation, Running/Cross-Country, Chess, Yearbook, Math Party, Astronomy, and the Gay-Straight Alliance. When Public Health guidelines permit, our students also enjoy additional intramural athletic activities, including Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Triathlon. In 2022-23 we look forward to new extracurriculars like Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, and Modern Dance.

Student Engagement

The communities around our school – Swansea, Bloor West Village, Etobicoke, Toronto – play an integral part in shaping our school community. Whether we’re having a photography class on the banks of the Humber River, a phys ed class at High Park, or visiting a local business for our entrepreneurship class, we are connected to our community and our city through experiential learning. A few highlights unique to our school community in Etobicoke include a focus on community outreach, and outdoor education.

exterior look of Blyth Etobicoke campus
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Student Showcase


Grade 12 Student

Avery is an excellent representative of the transformation that is possible for students Blyth Academy.  During her time at Blyth, Avery has developed the desire and confidence to explore her passions and found her place as a leader in our school community.  

At Blyth Academy Etobicoke I have developed my educational skills but it is also a place where I have grown and developed as a person. When I came to Blyth, I was not the best student but since then I have become someone I am proud of. The community at the school provided me with the support and encouragement that I needed to work hard and overcome fears such as public speaking, and most importantly, building my confidence. I am now the Student Council Vice President. I truly believe that Blyth has the most outstanding and supportive faculty that allow everyone to feel heard, safe, and welcome. Blyth is not just a school where you learn; it is also a place where individuals can grow and develop. I am so thankful to be a part of the Blyth family.


Since Avery joined us in grade 10, she has grown both academically and personally and has become a remarkable success story.  She delves deep into her studies and puts in the effort to excel in all of her courses.   She is involved in many of our extra-curricular activities on campus and is dedicated to spreading school spirit and unity. Avery is always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues and teachers, often coming in before class and staying after class to provide assistance.  As her Guidance Counsellor, I am extremely proud of Avery’s growth, particularly how she uses the knowledge and skills that she has learned at Blyth Etobicoke and is able to apply them to her academics and her personal development.

It’s hard to believe that high school is over already, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and all the teachers at Blyth have done to make the school what it is. When I came to Blyth last September, I had every intention of staying for a quad or two and then returning to a public school to complete the rest of my credits. However, it didn’t take long before I realized that I was so much happier at Blyth, and now I can’t imagine finishing up high school anywhere else. I’m so thankful to have had such a positive experience over these past two years, especially since last March, when learning began to look a lot different for everyone. I doubt there’s another school in the city that has such an excellent faculty, or another school that made the transition to virtual as smoothly as Blyth did. I really hope we get the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone in person, but nonetheless, it’s been a wonderful ride and I’m so grateful to everyone who made it what it was.
Samantha H., Graduate – Class of 2021

I have experienced exceptionally caring and reasonable staff at Blyth and found the school to be a positive influence for kids. Blyth has been very welcoming to my kids, who experienced an international move. Five months into the new year, they already feel like a part of the school and have made friends easily. 
 Prior to enrolling, I was unaware that each teacher at Blyth had such excellent credentials and varied academic backgrounds. The teachers are well schooled in many subjects and seem to enjoy the extra individual attention they can give by having fewer students. In turn, this has made my kids more accountable in their schoolwork and in their participation in the classroom.  
 Blyth has the resources to make sure the emotional and academic needs of their students are met. I would absolutely recommend Blyth to other parents. The caring and highly educated staff, the small class sizes, and the professionalism of the principal and staff make it a superior choice to other schools.
Shannon E., Parent

I wanted to say how much I appreciate that Blyth is so transparent about COVID-related information with parents so that we can make informed decisions. I also really appreciate that you kept those families who have students learning virtually in the loop.  I know this time must be so stressful for all the teachers and administrators, and I just wanted to say how clear your messaging has been, how safety at Blyth has been prioritized, and how transparent the school has been with families. My friend’s daughter is at another private school and she is entirely envious of the experience we are having at Blyth.  I’m very grateful that Blyth Academy has taken a much more cautious, thoughtful and respectful approach, despite how much harder it must be to keep pivoting and adapting.  I regularly cite Blyth as the best example when responding and adapting to the pandemic.Elle G., Parent

Join us for an info session

To learn more about our campus community, join us for an upcoming info session. In these sessions we will talk about our academics, admissions process, clubs, extracurricular activities, and school community. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.


A day in the life

Drop in virtually to preview a lesson, meet with teachers and guidance staff, and get a feel for our school community. Prospective students will have the chance to prepare for their future transition by experiencing firsthand a day in the life of a Blyth Academy student.



Speak to an Admissions Advisor for more information about our campus or how to apply.

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We are Ontario Ministry inspected and adhere to all provincial standards. BSID #669629