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The Midterm Point of Term Four

Greetings Blyth Families!

As we approach the midterm point of Term Four, the summer break is fast-approaching and well-deserved for all students and staff! We continue to be impressed with the commitment of our students, families and teachers! We are mindful that all families are experiencing different challenges at the moment and we are here to support your child in finishing off the year strong. We hope that you continue to take advantage of the extra time you have with your children as I know I have! I try to look at everything with a glass half full. My glass half full throughout these unprecedented times has been having the opportunity to spend more time with my children and my wife. While I definitely miss the daily in-person interactions with students, staff and parents as this is what I enjoy the most, I continue to try to make the best of the situation we are in. While these are challenging times, I encourage all of our students to focus on finishing off the school year on a positive note, challenging themselves to achieve at the highest level while also ensuring that they focus on their mental health and well-being.

Student of the Week
As we wrap up the week we would like to recognize Julian F. as our Student of the Week! Julian has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic in our virtual classrooms and continues to excel in our new model of education! Julian is a very hard working student-athlete and continues to thrive in the classroom and regularly attends our guest speaker and game analysis sessions! Great work, Julian!

Don’t forget to check Edsby for upcoming events, exciting guest speakers, and other important dates!

Weekly Challenge

Layers of Clothes Challenge
Inspired by Joey in an Episode of Friends – “Look at me! I’m Chandler – could I BE wearing any more clothes!?”

Joey and Chandler get into a heated debate and Joey ends up in layers of all of Chandler’s clothes. See the video below:

We challenge you to try and layer up as much as possible and then post a picture in the Weekly Challenge Edsby group with the number of layers you are wearing!

Wellness Wednesdays
Continue to look out for our Wellness Wednesday videos and activities! These are great opportunities to take a minute to reflect on how things are going and to support your success and well-being. If you haven’t had a chance to complete the Wellness Wednesday activity from this past week, I highly recommend doing so! Ms. Charmley encourages you to reflect on the phrase “I’m fine” and to identify daily goals as a result of your reflection on your thoughts, feelings and emotions! If you ever want an additional wellness activity, feel free to take part in one of the several free daily livestream yoga sessions run by Power Yoga Canada via Instagram and Facebook Live! These are open to anyone so feel free to share to pass this on!

Who’s Most Likely To Question Game!
We hope you have been enjoying our Who’s Most Likely To Question Game that we have been running on Instagram and Facebook! We definitely had some fun ones this week including “Who is most likely to appear on a reality TV show?” Nicole is our TV star!!

Thanks to all students, staff and parents for all of your hard work this week and ongoing support! Have a lovely weekend!

Adam Hurley