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Investing in Dreams: TFC and Blyth Academy Team Up Once Again to Grant Student-Athletes Full Academic Scholarships and Elite Soccer Training

Investing in Dreams: TFC and Blyth Academy Team Up Once Again to Grant Student-Athletes Full Academic Scholarships and Elite Soccer Training

Blyth Academy is proud to announce its renewed partnership with the prestigious Toronto Football Club (TFC) to provide three talented athletes with full scholarships to attend Blyth Academy. This collaboration aims to support and nurture the educational and athletic aspirations of young players, offering them a unique opportunity to excel both on the field and in the classroom. Through this initiative, Blyth Academy and TFC aim to empower promising athletes by providing them with a comprehensive educational experience, combining academic excellence with elite soccer training. 

In addition to the full scholarships, as part of the partnership between Blyth Academy and TFC, all athletes from the TFC Academy are offered a 30% discount on tuition. Blyth Academy students gain valuable advantages such as receiving top-notch training from TFC coaches, access to state-of-the-art TFC training facilities, and the opportunity to learn from esteemed guest speakers affiliated with the TFC organization. This collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for both athletes and students alike. 

Meet this year's scholarship recipients! 

Chimere Cyprian Omeze 

Grade: 12 
TFC Team: U19 and Toronto FC2 
Hometown: Brampton 

About Chimere: “I am a very calm and relaxed individual and I have a very big interest in sports: whether it's playing it or learning about it, especially soccer of course. I have three younger siblings, two brothers and one sister, and I am very close with God and my Catholic religion.” 

Soccer Experience: I “have played soccer since I was around five years old and always had a passion for it. I played for Brampton East for most of my career, then I moved to Caledon Soccer Club. From there I got accepted into the TFC Academy where I am entering my third year with the club. I was a member of the Canadian U17 National team that qualified for the World Cup.” 

Richard Chukwu 

Grade: 10 
TFC Team: U17 and Toronto FC2 
Hometown: Bradford, Ontario 

About Richard: “Soccer is the sport that I have played since a very young age and my dream is to become a professional soccer player and/or a doctor. I have three brothers who also play soccer. I have represented Canada at both the U15 and U17 level. Our U17 Canadian team qualified for the World Cup which takes place this November in Indonesia.” 

Soccer Experience: “I have been playing soccer since I was four years old. I started with the Bradford Eagles, then the Bradford Wolves and now am representing Toronto FC.” 

Joses Chukwu 

Grade: 11
TFC Team: U17 and Toronto FC2
Hometown: Bradford, Ontario 

About Joses: “I was born in Toronto, moved to Vaughn and now live in Bradford. I started playing soccer when I was five years old. I really loved the game and started taking it seriously, knowing that my ambition is to play at the pro level.  Previously, I attended Holy Trinity High School in Bradford, but I am very happy and looking forward to a fun, successful year at Blyth Academy Downsview Park.” 

Soccer Experience: “When I moved to Bradford I started with the local team called the Bradford Eagles. I then moved to another club called the Bradford United. Presently, I play for the U17 Toronto FC Academy.” 

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