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An Elite Hockey Progam | Blyth Academy @ CIHA

Blyth Academy offers flexibility in scheduling and course delivery, allowing all our students to pursue their specialized interests and training schedules. We are committed to ensuring our students build a strong foundation in their academic and life skills, before embarking on post-secondary education and beyond. Small classroom settings, flexible schedules, and exceptional teachers ensure that all students receive the personalized attention and support they need to succeed academically.

Check out this article in the Globe and Mail, that features Blyth Academy @ CIHA: Skating through school: Time for rink and classes

We are so pleased that we can provide an academic program that works for the elite athletes we educate. Andre Savage, director of the Canadian International Hockey Academy, is quoted in the article saying “[The academy] is an opportunity where all the hockey and the education is done throughout the day. At night we have specific times for study hour where they can really focus on their education. It’s an opportunity to teach that discipline – hockey and school in one area.”

Please visit Blyth Academy @ CIHA for more information about the school.