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Blyth Academy Burlington Students Head to the Lab for World Science Day

No budding scientists were left out at Blyth Academy Burlington campus as students joined 16 Globeducate schools across the world to celebrate World Science Day and STEAM Day in November. Students from age three to 18 in Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK came together as a global community to share ideas and experiences.  

Blyth Academy Burlington students were curious to learn more about anatomy and eager to take part in their own dissection lab. 

“After visiting with our students, I realized that so many of them had only done virtual learning and labs for the last two years, and none of them had ever dissected anything.  So, for World Science Day we decided to dissect frogs. Grade 9, Grade 10, and a few eager Grade 12 students joined in. We had great discussions on the anatomy similarities between frogs and mammals - looked at the 3-chambered heart, located organs and learned how the body structures correlate to their functions,” said math and science teacher, Kimberli Schofield. 

Monica Fontán, Assistant Education Director of Globeducate, coordinated the group-wide STEAM event and said: “It was fantastic to see how teachers took advantage of the celebration to stimulate curiosity by planning lessons which not only consolidated scientific knowledge but also incorporated elements of STEAM learning. Classrooms were converted into laboratories, students into investigators, designers and problem-solvers.  Students worked collaboratively, designed, created, tested and presented solutions to real-life problems.  Teachers were most impressed with the feedback peers offered one another and the self-reflections made on how to make their own solutions even better.” 

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