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Tuition and Fees: 2024 - 25

👀 Attending class virtually? You're in the right place - Blyth Academy Online offers pre-recorded (asynchronous) virtual schooling through our full-time and part-time programs.

Full-Time Studies.
Single Credit and Full-Year.

Our full-time studies fee structure accommodates both full-year and term-by-term students. Full-year students engage in Blyth Academy's signature quadmester system, commencing their academic year in September and concluding in late June. Term-by-Term students have the flexibility to begin their Blyth Academy experience at any point during the year, with the choice to enrol in one or two courses per quadmester.

A few more things to go over:

 All Tuition & Fees listed are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
 A domestic student is defined as a student who is either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
 An international student is defined as a student who is neither a Canadian Citizen nor Permanent Resident.
 International full-time program OSR Admin Fee of $250 is a non-refundable charge.
 The OSR Admin Fee must be paid within 30 days of enrollment.
 Students may transfer their courses to another program at an additional transfer fee.
 Full-year students are not permitted to substitute full-time courses for part-time courses.
 We may impose a surcharge on credit cards that is not greater than our cost of acceptance.
  Other Terms & Conditions may apply.

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