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OSSD & OUAC Information

How to Earn Your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Credits

Students in Canada and abroad are able to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) completely online through Blyth Academy. In order to obtain an OSSD, students are required to earn a total of 30 credits, complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), and complete 40 hours of community service hours.

All Of These Requirements Can Be Completed Through Blyth Academy Online:

Completion of 30 Credits

Blyth Academy Online offers over 160 courses and continues to develop new ones each month. All compulsory course requirements are offered, with the exception of cooperative education. Please see our full list of course offerings.

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

Generally, students write the OSSLT in March/April of their grade 10 year. This is a requirement for graduation. Regardless of the grade a student joins in, students must write the OSSLT. The Ontario Ministry of Education administers the test, however; Blyth Academy Online will arrange for the test to be written in the student’s home country for full-time students. Please note that the test date for the OSSLT is fixed year to year and cannot be changed.

If a student has had two opportunities to take the OSSLT and has failed it at least once, the student is eligible to enrol in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC) in order to meet the literacy requirement. Principals have the discretion to allow a student to enrol in the OSSLC before he or she has had a second opportunity to take the OSSLT if the principal determines that it is in the best educational interest of the student.

Community Service Hours

Students are required to earn 40 hours of community service to earn an OSSD, however; students joining from outside of Ontario can be granted equivalent hours in the equivalency process. Students generally complete 10 hours per academic year; for example, a student joining in grade 11 from outside of Ontario would likely be required to complete only 20 hours instead of 40.

Blyth Academy also offers students the chance to complete their high school community service hours abroad through our International Summers Program and through our March Break Program.

Student Records

For students that have previously attended a school in Ontario, their Ontario Student Record (OSR) will be requested from the previous school, and Blyth Academy Online will become their home school. As the home school, Blyth Academy Online will maintain all of the student’s records and ultimately issue the OSSD.

For students that have not previously attended a school in Ontario, an OSR will be created for them. Blyth Academy Online will examine previous reports cards and transcripts for prior high school years and perform an equivalency process whereby Ontario credits can be granted for courses completed outside of Ontario; these credits will count toward the student’s 30 credit requirement.

Ontario Ministry of Education Resources

What do you need to graduate | Grade 9 Curriculum | Grade 10 Curriculum | Grade 11 Curriculum | Grade 12 Curriculum

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC/OCAS) and Graduation Process

All students applying to university via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre should be aware of a number of important deadlines. Those provided by the OUAC can be found here: Ontario Universities’ Application Centre Dates. These dates have been integrated below with Blyth Academy Online’s own deadlines in order to ensure all grades are submitted on time.

Students are encouraged to stay on track as they work through their courses and to avoid submitting the majority of work at the last minute before deadlines, as teachers will have a lot of work to grade at this time.

The dates listed below are designed mostly for 101 applicants; however, 105 applicants would be well-served to follow them as well.

Please note: Midterm grades will only be sent to OUAC once the mid-point has been reached in the course. Students can find the mid-point in their course by viewing the Welcome to your Course section of their course or by asking their teacher.

Final grades will be sent to OUAC upon completion of the entire course, including the final exam.

Please download the BAO Student Handbook for more details on the OUAC process. All OUAC and OCAS requests need to be communicated to BAO via the Post-Secondary Transmission Form.


Important Dates & Deadlines

Date Description
End of November 2021 Students will receive their Application Access Code Letter from their guidance counsellor, which will include their PIN.
January 13 2022
Deadline to submit completed application to the OUAC.

*At this time, students should check their OUAC profiles to ensure that all Blyth Academy Online courses they have completed previously or are in the process of completing are listed. If any courses are missing, please notify us at immediately.
January 21 2022 Target date for Ontario universities to receive all application data and grades from the OUAC for all applications submitted by January 21st, 2022.
January 20 2022 Deadline to submit all work and write exams for Blyth Academy Online courses for semester one upload.

*This only applies to students that want their Blyth Academy Online course included in the final grades available for 4U/M courses and current full-year grades for 4U/M courses.
February 17 2022 Target date for Ontario universities to receive all final grades available for 4U/M courses and current full-year grades for 4U/M courses from the OUAC.
April 14 2022 *Students that would like midterm grades for their Blyth Academy Online courses uploaded by the May 4th deadline (below) should have reached the mid-point of their course by April 14th to allow time for grading and uploading. Midterm grades should be uploaded at this time in order to be given equal consideration against other applicants. The majority of the larger high schools in Ontario will be uploading these grades for their students in late April. Students should contact their teacher if the mid-point in their course is not clear to them.
May 5 2022 Target date for Ontario universities to receive all midterm/final grades available for 4U/M courses and interim grades for full-year courses from the OUAC. Grades the OUAC receives earlier than the deadline will be sent to Ontario universities when received.
May 27 2022 The latest date all high school applicants who submitted their application by the January application deadline can expect a response from an Ontario university. This includes: an offer of admission; a refusal; or a deferral, once additional information is received.
June 1 2022 The earliest date an Ontario high school student may be required to respond to an Ontario university offer of admission and give a financial commitment (e.g., registration deposit, residence deposit, etc.).

All other admissions-related elements, including scholarships, other forms of student assistance or financial incentives, and offers of residence are considered part of the offer of admission. Therefore, a student may accept these other offers before June 1, 2022, but Ontario universities will not compel a student in any way to make a decision earlier than this date.
June 1 2022 Deadline to submit all work and write exams for Blyth Academy Online courses that students require for graduation.

*Many schools have different deadlines as per when they need to have proof of course completion; it is your responsibility to inform Blyth Academy Online of when your homeschool requires this. Please ensure your exam is written at least 10 business days before your school’s due date in order to account for grading and mailing time (report cards can be couriered overnight at the student’s expense).
June 15 2022 Deadline to submit all work and write exams for any Blyth Academy Online student who requires their grades sent to OUAC.

*This deadline applies to students that would like their Blyth Academy Online course included in the July 13th OUAC deadline (below). It is recommended that students complete courses by this deadline in order to be given equal consideration against other applicants.
July 14 2022 Target date for the OUAC to send all remaining final grades to the universities. The OUAC will attempt to contact all schools that have not provided their grades.