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MFM2P Foundations Of Mathematics – Grade 10 (Applied)

Course Details

  • 2. Grade 10

PREREQUISITE: Grade 9 Mathematics, Academic or Applied

GRADE: 10 (Applied)

AVAILABILITY: Blyth Academy Online


Course Overview

MFM2P online enables students to consolidate their understanding of linear relations and extend their problem-solving and algebraic skills through investigation, the effective use of technology, and hands-on activities. Students will develop and graph equations in analytic geometry; solve and apply linear systems, using real-life examples; and explore and interpret graphs of quadratic relations. Students will investigate similar triangles, the trigonometry of right triangles, and the measurement of three-dimensional figures. Students will consolidate their mathematical skills as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.

Measurements and Introduction to Trigonometry

Essential Question: How can we make measurements in Trigonometry?

In this unit, students will learn Imperial measurement and conversions between different measurement systems. Students will also be introduced to the topic of similar triangles, properties of right angle triangles, Pythagorean theorem, as well as trigonometric ratios.

Linear Relations, Equations, and Systems

Essential Question: How can we investigate rate of change in understanding and graphing linear equations?

In this unit, students will start with investigating slope as a rate of change. Throughout the unit students will continue learning about linear equations and their graphs. Upon their understanding of these concepts, students will learn how to solve linear equations and the method of substitution and elimination to solve linear systems.

Quadratic Relations and Expressions

Essential Question: How do we solve and interpret Quadratic Relations/Expressions?

In this unit, students will learn about Quadratic relations. Students will also learn to solve real-life problems involving quadratic relations. Common Factoring and factoring difference of square will also be covered in this unit.

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