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MBF3C Foundations For College Mathematics – Grade 11 (College)

  • Grade 11

PREREQUISITE: Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 10, Applied

GRADE: 11 (College)

AVAILABILITY: Blyth Academy Online


Course Overview

MBF3C online enables students to broaden their understanding of mathematics as a problem-solving tool in the real world. Students will extend their understanding of quadratic relations; investigate situations involving exponential growth; solve problems involving compound interest; solve financial problems connected with vehicle ownership; develop their ability to reason by collecting, analyzing, and evaluating data involving one variable; connect probability and statistics, and solve problems in geometry and trigonometry. Students will consolidate their mathematical skills as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.


Essential Question: How can an understanding of ratios between side lengths be used to solve real-world problems involving triangles?

In this unit, students will explore relationships between angles and side lengths in both right and non-right triangles. Students will explore the origin of the sine and cosine laws and apply their understanding of right and non-right-angle trigonometry to solve real-world problems.


Essential Question: How can quadratic models be used to make predictions about real-world phenomena?

In this unit, students will develop and build on their understanding of mathematical tools that can be used to investigate quadratic relationships. Students will continue to explore factoring strategies and the vertex and standard forms of the quadratic and apply these understandings to solve problems involving real-world scenarios.


Essential Question: How can an understanding of exponential relationships be applied to solve real-world problems?

In this unit, students will review the basic exponent laws needed to study exponential relationships. Students will make comparisons between linear, quadratic, and exponential relationships, and solve real-world problems involving exponential growth and decay.

Personal Finance

Essential Question: How can mathematics be used to develop a strong sense of personal finance? 

In this unit, students will apply their understanding of course concepts to make connections between finance and exponential growth. Students will also question when it is best to rent or lease and explore the implications of borrowing money.


Essential Question: How do shapes affect the structure and function of the objects that make up the world around us? 

In this unit, students will investigate properties of shapes that affect how objects function. Students will investigate how three-dimensional objects can be represented using two-dimensional models and apply their understanding to design scenarios.

Probability & Statistics

Essential Question: How can statistics and probability be used to make predictions about real-world phenomena? 

In this unit, students will develop an understanding of statistical tools that can be used to understand the world around them – from their everyday decisions to the messages they see in the media. Students will also learn about the difference between experimental and theoretical probability and explore applications of this concept.

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