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LKBCO Simplified Chinese – Level 2 (Open)

  • Intl. Languages

PREREQUISITE: LKBBO Simplified Chinese, Level 1, Academic or Open

Grade: Open

AVAILABILITY: Blyth Academy Online

THE ONTARIO CURRICULUM: Classical Studies and International Languages

Course Overview

LKBCO online provides opportunities for students to develop competence and confidence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the language of study. Students will communicate about matters of personal interest and everyday topics in interactive settings that emphasize real-life applications and will read and write a variety of texts of increasing complexity in the language. Students will continue to develop their understanding and appreciation of diverse communities in regions of the world where the language is spoken. They will also explore personal and professional contexts in which knowledge of the language is required, and develop skills necessary for lifelong language learning.

Chinese Typing and the Art of Chinese Characters

Essential Question: What are the similarities and differences between English and Mandarin Chinese, in topics related to typing and the art of Chinese characters

In this unit, students will develop an important skill of Chinese typing as well as a further understanding of Chinese writing systems. What are the differences between Simplified and Traditional writing systems? What does Chinese calligraphy look like? How to appreciate Chinese calligraphy? How to set up your computer to type Chinese characters? What online Chinese learning tools are available? In this unit, a few video clips will help students build a solid foundation to start this course.

Shopping and the Chinese Currency

Essential Question: How can I express myself when I don’t know all the needed Chinese words, in topics related to shopping and currency?

In this unit, students will learn the common phrases of shopping and the Chinese currency units. Students will practice the dialogues of food and clothing shopping and the related terms of colours and clothes. Several measure words of nouns that are most commonly used will be introduced. In addition, Do’s and Don’ts of gift giving in Chinese cultural context as well as the phrases of making phone calls will be introduced.

School Subjects and School Life

Essential Question: How can I become better at pronouncing Chinese words with correct tones and sound more like a native Chinese speaker, in topics related to schools and Chinese life?

In this unit, students will learn the names of school subjects and how to talk about the subjects they like or dislike and their school activities. Each lesson will be presented with a dialogue first, followed by the learning of new words and sentence structures. A few important sentence structures are introduced and students will get more practice at the end of the lesson.

House, Places and Transportation

Essential Question: How much understanding of Chinese culture is required to become competent in speaking Chinese, in topics related to places and transportation?

In this unit, students will learn the vocabulary of rooms, furniture, locations, and directions. Students will learn to describe their house and the locations of their surroundings, and students will practice giving directions and talking about modes of transportation.

Weather and Health

Essential Question: How can I communicate in Chinese in topics about weather conditions and my own physical health?

In this unit, students will learn to talk about the weather conditions and their physical health. Students will practice discussing the weather patterns of a certain place and practice describing how they feel in the dialogues of seeing a doctor.

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