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HSG3M Gender Studies – Grade 11 (University/College)

  • Grade 11


GRADE: 11 (University/College)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time – All Campuses, Private – All campuses, Blyth Academy Online

THE ONTARIO CURRICULUMSocial Science and Humanities

Course Overview

HSG3M online enables students to explore the social construction of gender. Students will learn about the dynamic nature of gender roles and norms; sexism and power relations; and the impact of representations of women and men in the media, popular culture, and the arts. Students will analyze a range of gender equity issues, including gender-based violence and workplace equity, in both Canadian and global contexts. In HSG3M online, students will develop and apply research skills and will design and implement a social action initiative relating to gender equity.

The Construction of Gender

Essential Question: What does the term "gender" really mean? How is gender affected by our social interactions? How does media influence our ideas about gender?

In this unit, students will explore the notion of gender as a construction, as something that is taught and learned, and can, therefore, be changed, instead of something intrinsic and fixed that they are born with. The goal of the work in this unit is to familiarize themselves with important terms and concepts required to discuss gender and its personal, social, and political implications, as well as give students an opportunity to begin to examine how gender plays a role in their own life.

Power and Relationships

Essential Question: What kind of social power do men and women hold? How are power and violence linked? How can we use power responsibly?

In this unit, students will learn what power means in social relationships and consider examining their own personal power. Students will learn about the connections between power, gender, and violence, and think about how gender-based violence can be prevented both at home and abroad.

Gender Rights and Challenges

Essential Question: What kind of gender-related rights do we have? How can I conduct social science research?

In this unit, students should keep in mind this important observation by Nelson Mandela, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”. Students will explore the laws and organizations that work to educate and protect human rights in Canada and around the world. Throughout these lessons, students will learn about issues that affect them now, either at home or at school, as well as important topics that they will encounter later in life through work, education, and relationships.

Social Action and You

Essential Question: What do I think about gender? What am I willing to do to work for gender rights? 

In this unit, students will challenge themselves to question ideas and practices as they learn about social justice initiatives around the world. Students will also consider how they can have an impact on the way they consider gender in their daily lives. In addition to exploring the work of others, students will have the opportunity to focus their learning on a topic of personal interest using all the skills they have learned throughout the course.

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