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HNB4M The World Of Fashion – Grade 12 (University/College)

  • Grade 12

PREREQUISITE: Any university, college, or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies

GRADE: 12 (University/College)

AVAILABILITY: Blyth Academy Online

THE ONTARIO CURRICULUMSocial Science and Humanities

Course Overview

HNB4M online gives students the opportunity to explore the world of fashion. Students will learn how to create a fashion product using various tools, techniques, and technologies while developing their practical skills. Students will learn about various factors that affect the global fashion industry, the needs of specialized markets, and the impact of fibre and fabric production and care. In addition, they will learn about social and historical influences on fashion. Students will apply research skills when investigating aspects of the fashion world.

Introduction and Research - What is Fashion?

Essential Question: What is fashion? What are occupations and ideologies in within the modern World of Fashion?

In this unit, students will be introduced to the World of Fashion. Students will develop critical thinking and research skills. Students will cover topics such as famous designers and their contributions to the industry, the function of fashion within many fields such as film, the industry itself and careers within it, theories surrounding fashion and social sciences, APA formatting via basic, in-text, and referencing.

Influences on Fashion

Essential Question: What factors influence fashion beyond personal taste? How do elements such as history, culture, and technology play a role in the development and function of fashion?

In this unit, students will learn about trends in the world and how culture and history shape fashion and textile designs. Students will learn about haute couture, fashion houses, fashion centres. Students will also explore the tools and Technologies that impact the world of fashion (synthetic fibres, weaving, overlock serger, etc.). Students will examine trends, styles, fads and fashion cycles. They will also study the historical Influences on Fashion influenced by (climate, gender norms, proximity, access to materials, politics, etc.).

Globalization, Environmentalism, and Social Sciences

Essential Question: How is fashion globalized? How am I a factor in production, consumption and environmentalism?

In this unit, students will learn about how fashion is a social science. Students will explore how Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology connect to fashion, as well as how specialized markets need specific tools, cuts, and fabrics. Students will examine how the fashion industry is the second largest polluter on earth, and how they contribute to that issue.

Design and Upcycling

Essential Question: How do I create or upcycle my own products?

In this unit, students will be given a glimpse inside the world of fashion design. Students will create a look-book and explore their own closet. Students will create or upcycle their own products, as well as learn and use safety precaution procedures. Students will learn and demonstrate Colour Theory and elements and principles of design, as well as create, demonstrate, and teach others how to create and use fashion products.

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