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ETS4U Studies In Literature – Grade 12 (University)

  • Grade 12

PREREQUISITE: English, Grade 11, University Preparation

GRADE: 12 (University)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time – All Campuses, Private – All campuses, Blyth Academy Online


Course Overview

ETS4U online course is for students with a special interest in literature and literary criticism. The course may focus on themes, genres, time periods, or countries. Students will analyze a range of forms and stylistic elements of literary texts and respond personally, critically, and creatively to them. In ETS4U online, students will also assess critical interpretations, write analytical essays, and complete an independent study project.

Literary Criticism & Theory

Essential Question: How does the social zeitgeist determine the content, themes, and approaches to literature and literary criticism?

In this unit, students will look at various literary theories and ways to judge and evaluate pieces of literature. Literary theories act as different lenses critics use to view and talk about literature. These different lenses allow critics to consider works of art based on certain assumptions within that school of theory. The different lenses also allow critics to focus on particular aspects of a work they consider important.

Non-Fiction: Memoirs & Persepolis

Essential Question: How are memoirs different from biographies and how does understanding different textual forms enhance my abilities as an active reader?

In this unit, students will study the memoir in depth. A memoir is usually only an anecdote from the author’s life. Students will have the opportunity to read a memoir of their choosing, read the graphic novel “Persepolis” and discuss its validity and effectiveness as a memoir.

Novel Study

Essential Question: What does it take for literature to become part of the canon? What can we learn by studying classical literature?

In this unit, students will be introduced to the English Literary Canon by choosing two novels to read, study and analyze. Chapter questions will help students prepare to write a critical analysis/essay about one of the novels they read.


Essential Question: What literary devices and elements make a good poem? What role does poetry play in our lives?

In this unit, students will get a “crash course” in poetry over the last 1000 years. Students will read a wide selection of poems and determine which poem is the best-of-the-best.

Introduction: Film and Media

Essential Question: How can we use multiple lenses to critically analyze film and media on a deeper level?

In this unit, students will analyze ideologies and archetypes found in film, critique a film through the lens of a literary theory of their choosing and will look at the ways that “old” texts are marketed to new audiences.

Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions Page or the Exam section within your course for more details on final exams and the exam fee. More information can also be found in our Student Handbook.

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