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ENG4C English – Grade 12 (College)

  • Grade 12

PREREQUISITE: English, Grade 11, College Preparation

GRADE: 12 (College)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time – All Campuses, Private – All campuses / Blyth Academy Online


Course Overview

ENG4C online emphasizes the consolidation of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyze a variety of informational and graphic texts, as well as literary texts from various countries and cultures, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms for practical and academic purposes. An important focus will be on using language with precision and clarity and developing greater control in writing. ENG4C online is intended to prepare students for college or the workplace.


Essential Question: What makes a person a lifelong, global learner?

In this unit, students will begin by creating a foundation for a learning community for them, as a lifelong, global learner, in this course. This unit will provide the opportunity for students to introduce themselves, to begin to get to know their peers and their teacher, to think, to reflect, to write and to communicate, to establish a base for learning throughout the course.

Short Stories

Essential Question: How can stories express who we are?

In this unit, students are welcomed to the world of short stories! In this unit students will study two classic Canadian short stories, using both text and media formats to enjoy, learn and reflect.

Media Studies

Essential Question: How do we shape the media and how does the media shape our lives?

In this unit, students will investigate ‘media,’ media and information literacy, ethical journalism, ‘fake news,’ as well as advertising standards in Canada. Understanding media is crucial for twenty-first-century living and learning!

Classic Fiction Study

Essential Question: How can humanity be reflected in literature? 

In this unit, students will learn to understand the benefits of reading for themselves, in their lives, and they will reflect upon and write about an enduring theme, from a classic fiction novel.

Shakespeare's Hamlet

Essential Question: Why can classic literature have enduring appeal to humanity? 

In this unit, students will read and analyze the play Hamlet. Shakespeare is one of the world’s most recognized literary figures on our planet. Although he was born more than 450 years ago, Shakespeare’s work has endured over centuries, being adapted in many formats by artists such as playwrights, dance, visual art, sculpture and even symphony compositions to accompany a number of his plays. His work continues to be performed globally. One of his enduring plays is Hamlet which will be the focus of this unit.

Contemporary Literature

Essential Question: What can make us global citizens? 

In this unit, students will turn their attention to the study of a gripping piece of contemporary non-fiction, Malala Yousafzai’s memoir, I Am Malala. Malala is the youngest winner in the history of the Nobel Peace Prize, named ‘One of the 16 Most Influential Teens of the Year,’ made the annual list of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’ by Time magazine, and was selected by People as its ‘Hero of the Year.’ In April 2017, Malala was appointed the youngest-ever United Nations Messenger for Peace. Malala’s memoir is the winner of the ‘Nonfiction Book of the Year’ at the British National Book Awards. Her memoir is “Moving and Illuminating.” Catherine Bennett – The Observer (UK).

Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions Page or the Exam section within your course for more details on final exams and the exam fee. More information can also be found in our Student Handbook.

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