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Social Studies – Grade 6

  • Grade 6

Availability: Blyth Academy Online
The Ontario CurriculumSocial Studies

Course Overview

In Grade 6 Social Studies, students will explore the experiences and perspectives of diverse communities in historical and contemporary Canada and examine how they have contributed to the development of identities in Canada. In addition to developing their understanding of different communities in Canada, students will explore the global community and Canada’s role in it. They will investigate current social, political, economic, and environmental issues, and develop their understanding of the importance of international action and cooperation. In conducting their investigations, students will enhance their graphing and mapping skills and develop their ability to extract, interpret, and analyze information from a variety of sources, and using various technologies. 


Below is a course outline for the online Grade 6 Social Studies course offered by Blyth Academy. As the Ontario curriculum is set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the course and skills learned remain the same whether you take it in person or online. 

Heritage and Identity

Throughout this unit, students will aim to answer the question, “How can we contribute to the common good of the global community?” Through the exploration of what it means to Be Canadian, looking through history from pre-contact to the modern day, students will develop a sense of who Canadians are, where they are from, what they did, and what they do. Students will engage with topics such as immigration (from past to present), perspective of different Canadian groups and how children have been a part of Canada throughout the years. Assignments and thinking questions will encourage students to think about their own experiences in their communities as well as the perspective of others.  

People and Environment

In this unit, students will aim to answer the question, “How can we be good environmental stewards?” by exploring environmental issues through the lenses of human rights, economy and trade, and the global environment. Students will develop an understanding of how the United Nations have supported international Human Rights, Children's rights and Indigenous rights and how the World Health Organization supports these rights.  By exploring how the international market affects global trade and agriculture, students will discover where their food comes from and the impact of their choices.  Finally, students will explore the interconnectedness of the global environment by ex by examining how global warming and climate change affect not only Canadians and Canada but global wind, water/nutrient cycles and can lead to natural disasters. Students will be challenged to use what they have learned of these topics to explore research projects and develop their own ideas through guided project-based learning opportunities.  


The final grade a student achieves will represent the quality of their overall achievement of expectations for the course. The final grade will be determined by evaluations conducted throughout the duration of the course. 

The Grade 6 Social Studies course explores purposes for reading a variety of texts, guiding students through reading and developing greater fluency in all aspects of reading and writing.

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