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Science and Technology – Grade 7

  • Grade 7

Availability: Blyth Academy Online
The Ontario CurriculumScience and Technology

Course Overview

Grade 7 Science and Technology is designed to help students continue to deepen their scientific inquiry skills by making stronger connections to the scientific method. Students will explore and draw connections between biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space. Students will develop their scientific and technological literacy while exploring how these disciplines work together to form the world around them. 


Below is a course outline for the online Grade 7 Science and Technology course offered by Blyth Academy. As the Ontario curriculum is set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the course and skills learned remain the same whether you take it in person or online. 

Biology – Interactions in the Environment 

In this unit, students will deepen their understanding of the scientific method and its use in developing scientific thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will investigate the various types of ecosystems and the biotic and abiotic interactions that occur within them. Students will also explore food chains, matter cycles, and the relationships that exist between producers, consumers, and decomposers within an ecosystem. Lastly, students will deepen their understanding of the concept of sustainability while assessing human impacts on the world’s ecosystems. 

Physics – Structures Form and Function

In this unit, students will learn to classify structures, describe types of structures, and structure stability. Students will investigate the role of forces in structures and what happens when structures fail. Students will also consider ergonomic design and various other factors when choosing materials for structures. 

Chemistry - Pure Substances and Mixtures

In this unit, students will investigate the particle theory and explore how it can help them understand pure substances, mixtures, solutions, and solubility. Students will also explore the impact humans have had by exploring various industries that make use of pure substances and mixtures.

Earth and Space - Heat in the Environment

In this unit, students will explore the concepts of heat and temperature while drawing connections to the particle theory. Students will investigate sources of heat, developing an understanding of conduction, convection, and radiation. Students will apply their understanding of heat to examine Earth’s atmosphere and the greenhouse effect. 


The final grade a student achieves will represent the quality of their overall achievement of expectations for the course. The final grade will be determined by evaluations conducted throughout the duration of the course. 

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