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Mathematics – Grade 7

  • Grade 7

Availability: Blyth Academy Online
The Ontario CurriculumMathematics

Course Overview

Grade 7 Mathematics online is designed to develop students’ number sense, algebra skills, spatial reasoning, data management skills and financial literacy. Students will investigate relationships between mathematical operations and solidify their understanding of fractions concepts. Students will also explore the relationship between patterning and algebraic expressions while making connections to technology and coding. They will also explore relationships that emerge from the measurement of figures, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional shapes. Students will also deepen their understanding of how data and financial literacy are important in their everyday lives.   


Below is a course outline for the online Grade 7 Mathematics course offered by Blyth Academy. As the Ontario curriculum is set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the course and skills learned remain the same whether you take it in person or online. 


In this unit, students will begin by exploring familiar concepts such as place value, different forms of a number, and perfect square numbers. Students will explore integer operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They will then deepen their understanding of operations involving fractions and order of operations. 


In this unit, students will begin by thinking about their own definition of a pattern in order to apply their understanding to represent various patterns. Students will then learn to identify and use pattern rules to predict future values in a sequence. Students will then investigate algebraic expressions and develop an understanding of the processes used to solve algebraic equations and inequalities. Lastly, students will make connections to technology in the real-world by exploring the relationship between algebraic processes and coding.  

Spatial Sense

In this unit, students will review the process used to plot coordinates on a Cartesian plane. Students will then explore tessellations, translations, reflections, and rotations on a coordinate plane. Students will investigate angle relationships and related angles to apply their understanding to explore properties of triangles. Lastly, students will explore two-dimensional and three-dimensional measurement concepts such as perimeter, area, surface area, volume, and the side-length relationship in triangles.  


In this unit, students will explore the processes used to collect, organize, and represent data in different ways. Students will investigate the key differences between qualitative and quantitative data by making connections to the real-world. Students will then explore the measures of central tendency by solving real-world problems. Lastly, students will investigate probability through the lens of real-world scenarios to compare theoretical and experimental probability.  

Financial Literacy

In this unit, students will develop and refine their financial literacy skills by reflecting on their own personal finance goals. Students will explore strategies for spending and saving money wisely and develop a personal budget in order to understand the idea of managing income and expenses. Lastly, students will explore the key differences between simple and compound interest and make connections between the course’s key concepts and exchange rates in the real-world.


The final grade a student achieves will represent the quality of their overall achievement of expectations for the course. The final grade will be determined by evaluations conducted throughout the duration of the course. 

The Grade 7 Mathematics course helps develop students’ number sense, algebra skills, spatial reasoning, data management skills and financial literacy.

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