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Language – Grade 8

  • Grade 8

Availability: Blyth Academy Online
The Ontario CurriculumLanguage

Course Overview

In Grade 8 Language, students will continue to develop their language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will engage with a variety of texts, both literary and informational, to deepen their understanding of language and its impact. Through various activities and assignments, students will enhance their critical thinking, communication, and creative expression abilities. 


Below is a course outline for the online Grade 8 Language course offered by Blyth Academy. As the Ontario curriculum is set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the course and skills learned remain the same whether you take it in person or online. 

Short Stories

In this unit, we will read a variety of short stories and analyze different literary elements found in each. We will use our knowledge of plot diagrams to shape our answers to questions about the stories we’re reading. To finish off the unit, students will be writing their own short stories! 


In this unit, we will take a closer look at what it means to be 'media literate.' As consumers of media, it is important that you know how to properly decode the messages in advertisements. 


In this unit, students will analyze a variety of poetry forms -- traditional written poems and spoken word -- through their understanding of the figurative language used. At the end of this unit, students will analyze their favourite song lyrics! 

All American Boys Novel Study 

In this unit, students will explore issues of racial justice (and injustice) in the United States. The novel, All American Boys, is a 2015 novel written by two authors, Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely—one white and one Black—that tells the story of two teenage boys—one white and one Black. Important    


Throughout this final unit, you will be watching old and new television shows and gathering research to write a compare and contrast essay (TV Now vs. TV Then). The learning goal for the essay is to use a particular pattern of organization that highlight specific points, proof and qualities or conditions of two subjects. The learning goal for the media portion of this assignment is to identify and explain how the conventions and techniques associated with television are used to create meaning. 

Students will be given suggestions for different TV episodes/ series to watch during the unit to allow for options wherever your student watches television episodes (i.e. different streaming services, cable, websites, etc.).  


The final grade a student achieves will represent the quality of their overall achievement of expectations for the course. The final grade will be determined by evaluations conducted throughout the duration of the course. 

The Grade 8 Language course explores purposes for reading a variety of texts, guiding students through reading and developing greater fluency in all aspects of reading and writing.

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