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Language – Grade 7

  • Grade 7

Availability: Blyth Academy Online
The Ontario CurriculumLanguage

Course Overview

In Grade 7 Language, students will develop their language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will engage with a variety of texts to deepen their understanding of language and its impact. Through various activities and assignments, students will enhance their critical thinking, communication, and creative expression abilities. 


Below is a course outline for the online Grade 7 Language course offered by Blyth Academy. As the Ontario curriculum is set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the course and skills learned remain the same whether you take it in person or online. 


In this unit, we will discuss why and how we read through the exploration different narratives. We will look at non-fiction and personal narratives. It is important to understand different strategies we use while reading and writing. Wrapping up the unit, you will use your reading and writing skills to create your own narrative.


In this unit, we will be exploring different media forms: Public Service Announcements (PSA) and commercials. We will analyze how different conventions and techniques are used to create and deliver meaning in these forms of media. Wrapping up the unit, students will be creating their own media text.  

Writing with Purpose!

In this unit, we will look at pieces of writing used for different purposes! It is important students know how and when to use specific word choices and tone to convey their ideas in their writing for different audiences. We will begin with professional email writing and then move our focus to persuasive writing.  

The Giver Novel Study

In this unit, we will be using a variety of strategies while reading Lois Lowry's novel, The Giver. We will be reflecting on the connections made between text and real life to understand Lowry's overall messages in the classic novel. Wrapping up our unit by writing about the novel vs. the film production.   

Independent Novel Study

In this final culminating unit, students will be using their reading and writing skills to complete various activities in an independent novel study.  They will have the opportunity to present their thinking and promote their chosen books! This unit will have them build literacy and promote them to read more independently!  


The final grade a student achieves will represent the quality of their overall achievement of expectations for the course. The final grade will be determined by evaluations conducted throughout the duration of the course. 

The Grade 7 Language course explores purposes for reading a variety of texts, guiding students through reading and developing greater fluency in all aspects of reading and writing.

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