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CGC1D Issues In Canadian Geography – Grade 9 (Academic)

  • Grade 9


GRADE: 9 (Academic)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time – All Campuses, Private – All campuses, Blyth Academy Online

THE ONTARIO CURRICULUMCanadian and World Studies

Course Overview

CGC1D online examines interrelationships within and between Canada’s natural and human systems and how these systems interconnect with those in other parts of the world. Students will explore environmental, economic, and social geographic issues relating to topics such as transportation options, energy choices, and urban development. In CGC1D online, students will apply the concepts of geographic thinking and the geographic inquiry process, including spatial technologies, to investigate various geographic issues and to develop possible approaches for making Canada a more sustainable place in which to live.

Introduction to Canadian Geography Online

Essential Question: What are methods of effective communication related to complexity of Geographic concepts?

In this unit, students will become familiar with basic concepts in Canadian Geography while simultaneously developing the skills required to be successful in this online format.

A Geographer's Essentials

Essential Question: What tools can be utilized to analyze geographic concepts?

In this unit, students will use the geographic inquiry process and the concepts of geographic thinking when investigating issues relating to Canadian geography. Students will be able to apply in everyday contexts skills, including spatial technology skills, developed through the investigation of Canadian geography, and identify some careers in which a background in geography might be an asset.

Canada's Physical Environment

Essential Question: What are the influential processes that have created the variety of landform regions in Canada?

In this unit, students will develop an understanding of plate tectonics. Students will understand how Canada’s physical diversity is connected to the geological development. Students will explain the rock cycle and be able to identify and describe the four eras.

Patterns in Population and Immigration

Essential Question: What are the influences in Canada's population patterns, and how does this impact society in Canada?

In this unit, students will look at patterns in Canada’s population and assess the implications of these trends in local, national, and global contexts. Students will have the opportunity to analyze geographic issues associated with population demographics and settlement patterns and to assess strategies that could be used to address the economic, environmental, social, and political implications of an ageing and increasingly diverse population.

The Canadian Economy

Essential Question: What are the resources that Canada relies on for economic development, and how does this development impact regions in Canada?

In this unit, students will look at the availability of natural resources in Canada as well as the development of natural resources in Canada. Student will examine trade relationships with other countries and they will examine the economic development of the country.

Sustainable Communities

Essential Question: What are the implications of urban growth and development?

In this unit, students will recognize how the infrastructure of a community can affect its livability and its environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Issues relating to land use, urban growth, and human systems will be analyzed. Students will have the opportunity to develop strategies for making their community a more sustainable place in which to live.

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