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BTT1O Information & Communication Technology In Business – Grade 9 (Open)

  • Grade 9


GRADE: 9/10 (Open)

AVAILABILITY: Blyth Academy Online


Course Overview

BTT1O online introduces students to information and communication technology in a business environment and builds a foundation of digital literacy skills necessary for success in a technologically driven society. Students will develop word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, presentation software, and website design skills. Throughout BTT1O, there is an emphasis on digital literacy, effective electronic research and communication skills, and current issues related to the impact of information and communication technology.


Essential Question: How can we use technology in a responsible and balanced manner when it is everywhere?

In this unit, students will explore some of the defining features of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), as well as hardware and software components. Students will be introduced to digital literacy, which emphasizes safe and smart ICT usage.

Technology for Productivity

Essential Question: How technology changed the way we work around the world in the past 30 years?

In this unit, students will use a hands-on approach to applying technology for productivity. Word processing will be applied utilizing various software programs. Spreadsheets and data management will be utilized exploring effective functionality and display, as well as data methods. Programming logic will also be approached using various commands, algorithms and programming languages.

Technology for Presentation

Essential Question: How have presentations evolved over time and what might they look like in the future?

In this unit, students will explore the use of technology for presentation. Presentation and web design elements will be examined and students will have the opportunity to create websites and presentations using a variety of software options. Data graphics and infographics will be identified and their best uses applied as students create their own graphic design.

Technology for Communication

Essential Question: Is using communication tools an important part of doing business in today's world?

In this unit, students will identify email etiquette and best practices, as well as virtual meetings and collaboration tools that can help in facilitating communication. Communication is an integral component of any business or organization. Technology has led to the ability to work remotely and away from your business team and clients. As a result, there is an increased need for communication tools.

Trends in Business Technology

Essential Question: What will be the next big thing in the technology world that will change how we work?

In this unit, students will briefly go over some of the major trends in business technology. Students will review social media, big data, and apps and smart devices and their applications through a variety of case studies. As students have seen in the course, technology is advancing at an alarming rate and is firmly ingrained in business processes.

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