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AWQ3M Visual Arts: Photography – Grade 11 (University/College)

  • Grade 11

PREREQUISITE: Visual Arts, Grade 9 or 10, Open

GRADE: 11 (University/College)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time – All Campuses, Private – All campuses, Blyth Academy Online


Course Overview

AWQ3M online enables students to further develop their knowledge and skills in visual arts. Students will use the creative process to explore a wide range of themes through studio work that may include drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking, as well as the creation of collage, multimedia works, and works using emerging technologies. Students will use the critical analysis process when evaluating their own work and the work of others. The course may be delivered as a comprehensive program or through a program focused on a particular art form (e.g., photography, video, computer graphics, information design). AWQ3M online will focus on photography.

Camera Basics & Camera Controls

Essential Question: What Camera is right for you & how do you manipulate it? What are your rights as a photographer? What are the Elements & Principles of design and how do they apply to photography?

In this unit, students will look up cameras and learn about them. If the student already has a camera they will be using, they will research that camera and find out what it can do. Chances are that students may not know what every setting is for on their camera and what it does. This is a good opportunity to find out. Get out the owner’s manual, look it over, compare the camera with other cameras out there. Point and Shoot cameras are updated almost twice a year, so it doesn’t take long for them to add new features to the camera purchased.

Camera Techniques

Essential Question: What factors affect your camera’s ability to correctly focus? How do you capture correct exposure? How do you use Aperture to control light and depth of field? What is shutter speed and how is it used to capture blur movement and action shots?

In this unit, students will explore different camera techniques. Students will learn about autofocus, exposure, aperture and blur movement. Students will practice taking action shots.

Photography as an Art

Essential Question: How do we critique photography and write about Art? How do we use Photoshop to create a Panorama and touch up photos?

In this unit, students will explore the Art of Photography and discover how their creations are an outward projection of their inner state of being. Students will learn how to critique art, take panorama shots, and how to edit photos with photoshop. Explore, Experiment and Enjoy!

Photographic Techniques

Essential Question: What is the importance of Light in Photography? What is ISO? How do you bracket to ensure proper exposure? How to photograph Line and Texture?

In this unit, students will be presented with some very useful photography techniques and photo tutorials which will help them to experiment and capture optimal photographs to build their creative skill sets that may be applied in a broad variety creative fields.

Photographic Styles of Interest

Essential Question: What are the photography genres and how do you classify them? What is a genre and what is a technique?

In this unit, students will get the chance to study five different photography styles. Their task will be to pick two of the five styles provided to explore, experiment and photograph them.

Technical Requirements: Our teacher strongly advises that students use a digital SLR camera. If that is not possible, students are permitted to use the camera on their phone.

Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions Page or the Exam section within your course for more details on final exams and the exam fee. More information can also be found in our Student Handbook.

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