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Certificate Programs

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Blyth Academy Online offers certificates for specialized combinations of courses. Certificates are a great way to show universities, colleges, and employers that you are interested in a specialized area and have gone above and beyond to become an expert in that field. Certificates look great on post-secondary applications, resumes and LinkedIn profiles.


Wellness Certificate

The Wellness Certificate requires students to complete the following four courses: Healthy Active Living (PPL3O or PPL4O), Biology (SBI3U or SBI4U), Nutrition and Health (HFA4U), and Kinesiology (PSK4U). This certificate is designed for students with an interest in medicine, athletics, nutrition, and beyond. Students looking to apply to a post-secondary program in these fields will require some of these courses for admissions to begin with; the additional courses in the focus area will help bolster their application. Students looking for part-time jobs in a related field will also benefit by demonstrating their commitment to studying the area of interest from multiple perspectives.

Wellness Certificate Courses


How to Apply

To be eligible for the certificate, students must complete all required courses at Blyth Academy Online (other Blyth campuses do not apply) and courses must achieve a passing grade (50% or higher). Students must email copies of all relevant course final report cards to The courses can be completed over any period of time.

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Speak to an Admissions Advisor for more information about our school or how to apply.